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Karen Lauritsen named one of 50 influential movers and shakers in libraries

Last week Library Journal announced their annual cohort of Movers and Shakers, and Kennedy Library’s Karen Lauritsen was among the group of 50 people selected from more than 225 nominations received from throughout the country.

University Librarian Anna Gold nominated Karen for the work she does making, documenting and sharing public programs and stories.

Photo of host of Cal Poly Science Cafe

Karen hosting Cal Poly Science Cafe, a flagship interdisciplinary public program.

Karen is our library’s inventor-in-chief. She devises, envisions, discovers, produces, composes, hatches, wings it, and brings into being an entirely new type of program in academic libraries… Her work resonates broadly across our community and profession through her gift for helping people to tell their stories.

Karen’s work is collaborative and involves many partnerships just like the work of many faculty, staff and students. With this in mind, Karen embraces first-person storytelling, so that experts in areas throughout the library can share what they do and why, to support student faculty and scholarship.

At the heart of Karen’s story-telling is the Kennedy Library’s Out Loud blog. The number of contributors to Kennedy Library Out Loud tripled in the last year… It is a collaborative story space for students, faculty, librarians, and others. It exemplifies her commitment to “show, not tell” as the most effective way to share the power of engaged, interdisciplinary learning. The Out Loud blog blends images, narrative, video, and sound, woven together from well-curated and lively social media spaces that she oversees, including Vimeo, Twitter, Vine, SoundCloud, Flickr, Facebook, and more.

Karen’s not the only one at Kennedy Library who has been recognized in this way. In 2007, Katherine O’Clair, our CAFES librarian, was among the selected cohort.

You can read Karen’s entire profile on Library Journal.

(Yes, I wrote this about myself, which was a little weird. Just want to acknowledge that.)

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