Cats in the Atrium

Written by on December 9, 2013

Stressbusters bring cats to the atrium to relieve student stress

The atrium at Kennedy Library was alive with the sounds of cats purring and students “awing” on Thursday morning, December 5. Students took a break from studying to cuddle up with some cute Cal Poly cats.

The cats were brought in as a result of a collaboration between the Cal Poly Cat Program and the Stressbusters at Kennedy Library. The Stressbusters team strives to put on events to help reduce students’ stress that comes along with finals.

“I came because someone told me about it after class. It’s a nice distraction from studying and finals,” said Katherine Cole, a freshman business major.

Another Cal Poly cat lover, Morgan Kavanagh, enjoyed spending time with the cats in between classes.

“I like cats and I think that this is helping with my stress levels,” Morgan said.

This cat is enjoying all the attention.

This cat is enjoying all the attention.

Stressbusters at Kennedy Library

The committee also hosted a meditation event with Cal Poly Health and Counseling Services and screened Charlie Chaplin films on the second floor to help students relax during this busy time.

“We are doing the Stressbusters events because people get so stressed with studying and finals,” said Conny Liegl, a member of the Stressbusters committee.

A total of five cats and a lot of stressed students – 329 were counted in the atrium! – came to the event. The cats, of course, were the stars and had at least ten people surrounding them at all times.

“Where there’s twenty people, there must be a cat,” Conny joked.

Spend more time with animals

Some studies suggest that spending just 15 minutes with a cat can increase production levels of a feel-good chemical produced in your brain called serotonin and decrease production levels of cortisol, a chemical that is produced as result of stress. So, spending time with some furry friends can help you feel more relaxed!

The Stressbusters team and everyone at Kennedy Library wishes students the best on their finals this week!



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