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Written by on May 16, 2013

On Pitch: Winners of the Pitch Perfect Video Competition

Cal Poly’s outstandingly creative students were rewarded today for their entries in the Kennedy Library and Orfalea College of Business’ 5th Annual Pitch Perfect Video Competition.

Students were asked to create 60-second videos around the theme “Imagine your Dream Library,” and the winners were selected by a panel of eight judges on their technical merit, imagination and clarity of vision. Orfalea College of Business Dean Dave Christy said each year he is impressed by the incredible level of talent and variety.

“We get students from all over campus who choose to participate,” Dean Christy said.

The competition inspires students to interact with Kennedy Library in a new way, creating honest works that describe the students’ relationship with Cal Poly’s library.

The Main Squeeze

That relationship was highlighted literally in journalism junior Lindsey Lewis’ winning video for “Most Creative,” called “Kennedy is my Boyfriend.”

Lindsey got the idea from Facebook updates, she said, about students spending quality time with their boyfriend, the library.

“Everyone posts on Facebook their statuses when they come to Kennedy Library, and they’re like, ‘On a date with my boyfriend,’ and they tag themselves at Kennedy Library,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey’s video talked about how her main squeeze stays up all night to study with her, is always ready with a snack and some coffee and the two will definitely be seeing each other at least until Lindsey graduates.

The Big Break

Sven Le, on the other hand, chose to focus on improvements for Kennedy Library, in his video “DayDreamers,” which won both “Presidents’ Pick” and “Fan Favorite,” on Facebook.

Sven spoke with students about what they looked for in a library, and discovered four main themes: environment, engineering, design and comfort. He then created a video that incorporated these ideas into a proposal for coffee delivery at Kennedy Library.

Sven’s double-win was a surprise for the liberal arts and engineering studies senior, because “DayDreamers” was his first video. When he was thinking about entering, his parents encouraged him to put in the effort, and Sven spent time learning how to edit video before starting his work. When he listened to the voicemail saying he had won, Sven was overwhelmed.

“I was doing a lot of yelling and jumping around the house,” Sven said.

But Sven’s win doesn’t end with his giant check. An old Facebook friend who hadn’t spoken with Sven in a while saw the post and liked it so much that he asked to hire Sven to create a series of videos for his company.

“I can not believe it. I seriously worked so hard for this,” Sven said.

The Cinematic Visionaries

Other students, like business sophomore Russell Holliday and engineering sophomore Matt Erich, who created the “Best of Orfalea” video, “Finding Home,” communicated their vision without words.

Russell and Matt are both passionate about creating videos, and Matt’s girlfriend suggested they create an entry for the contest, he said.

Their video, 60 seconds of breathtaking shots of the library accompanied by music, ends with a student hitting the books, and the phrase “Learn By Doing.” The two wanted to incorporate the engineering and architecture of the library, as well as its impact on Cal Poly students, Russell said.

“We thought it was a really cool opportunity because everybody uses the library,” Russell said.

The video’s timing and beauty helped push it to the top, said Dean Christie.

And as sophomores, Russell and Matt are planning to continue entering the contest for the next two years of their college career.

The Last Shot

Other students, like journalism senior Chelsea Kitta, figured that with only one year left to enter, there was no time like the present. Chelsea’s video, “My Dream Library,” won “Best Overall” for its creative editing and understanding of Kennedy Library.

Chelsea read up on all of Kennedy Library’s features and goals before creating the video, so that she could highlight ideas like collaboration and a desire to reflect student feedback.

“I did a lot of research into the values of the library, aspects of how the library caters to students,” Chelsea said.

Chelsea had fun with the video which is loosely inspired by the iconic Old Spice commercials, and was surprised to win.

“I was totally surprised by it honestly. There were so many great videos that were submitted,” Chelsea said.

More photos of the awards – winners with giant checks – are on our Flickr. Check out all the fun videos on our Vimeo channel!

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