A photo from the 5th floor of Kennedy Library. We are looking out onto several stories of the cement and glass building. The balconies are decorated with tables with yellow umbrellas. In the background, there are gray rainclouds over a green mountain with a white letter P painted on it.

Written by on March 8, 2013

Top six reasons why we love Kennedy Library on rainy days

Cal Poly has been a little damp lately, but don’t let that get you down! Rainy days are a chance to puddle jump or stay inside with a book and a mug of tea, so to honor them we’ve created a list of the six things we love about Kennedy Library on rainy days.

6. You can hear the rain from floors 4 and 5, providing a relaxing background to any quiet study time.

5. The atrium garden looks absolutely breathtaking in the rain (and in the sun too, for that matter).

Kennedy Library's inner atrium. A paved path winds between trees, ferns, tables and couches at the heart of Kennedy Library. We see the top of the building and the gray sky.

4. Sheltered bike racks! These bike racks are great for any cyclist who forgot to bring their plastic bag seat cover to campus.

A row of bike racks, maybe 50 yards, crowded with bikes underneath a concrete overhang in front of the library.

3. Studying, of course. It’s hard to concentrate when the sun is shining and the beach is calling, but rainy days are perfect for heading to Kennedy Library for some quality coursework.

Two women sit at a table, working on laptops. They wear scarves and jackets. Behind them, we see out a window that it is gray and damp outside.

2. Julian’s is great all the time, but rainy days practically beg for hot chocolate (or tea, or coffee, etc.).

Three coffee pots sit on a counter; a man in a rain jacket fills a paper cup at the farthest coffee pot. We only see his arms and torso.

1. There are couches, and giant pillows, and central heating, making the library the coziest place to curl up for a nice nap.

A man and woman nap next to each other on a half-circle leather couch. They are surrounded by backpacks, books, laptops and other school supplies.

These are our favorite things about rainy days at Kennedy Library, but we’re sure there are more! What are yours?

//Victoria Billings

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