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Late to the Megahits — Life of Pi


13book_CA0-articleInlineOften I’m resistant to the bestseller bandwagon, even if the book fits my requirements otherwise (well-reviewed, award winner, etc.) Life of Pi fit into that category for me. Plus, it sounded a little self-consciously fable-y, another genre I have a slight allergy to. But this time my post-retirement campaign to see as many Oscar nominees as possible on the big screen led me to read the book at last. (Besides, two of my favorite Indian actors from The Namesake were in it, and Ang Lee was directing). So I read it in under 24 hours.

I’d been warned by the friend who loaned me her copy that for her, it started slow, and it did for me, too. But once Pi and Richard Parker were on the lifeboat, I was hooked. And within hours of closing the book for the last time, I was putting on my 3-D glasses for the movie experience, so I’m not able to separate the reading and the viewing experience very effectively in my mind. The movie stayed very true to the book, right down to the man-eating island populated by thousands of meerkats.

Here’s a short clip of the movie:

Author photo: Alice Kuipers

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