A photo of a giant microbe plush of an E. coli cell, sitting on top of a shelf of books.

Written by on February 4, 2013

Journey into library land: Blogging bonanza

Victoria Billings is the communications and public programs intern at Kennedy Library. ‘Journey into library land’ is a series about what she’s learned creating media for Cal Poly’s university library.

It’s been a busy two weeks! And not just because I had midterms galore last week.

What happened since we last spoke?

Well, we held our Conversations with Cal Poly Authors event with music professor Craig Russell. Russell, along with professor emeritus Dan Krieger, discussed how Spanish missions and Native American cultures blended in California to create a variety of new musical movements. I learned a ton of stuff they don’t teach you in fourth grade, and wrote up the whole thing for this blog.

Cal Poly’s crop of second year architecture students also put up an exhibit of their designs, inspired by Julia Morgan’s work and located in Kennedy Library’s first floor gallery. I took some photos, spoke with a few people involved, and gained a major appreciation for how creative architects are.

And when I haven’t been covering current events, I’ve been preparing for our upcoming Science Café: Pyroprints!

Karen had the wild idea of taking a few glamor photos of one of the plush giant microbe E. coli we purchased for the event, so I went around the library with an over-sized bacterium, letting my artistic side run wild.

I finally figured out manual focus on our DSLR. It’s embarrassing to admit that I’d only been able to autofocus before, but now that I’ve got the knack of it, I think I’m going to be using manual focus for everything.

(That’s my favorite picture of the bunch at the top of the page)

This next week on February 7, we’ll be hosting Pyroprints! I can’t wait, and hope to see you all there!

Check out the Conversations with Cal Poly Authors summary and podcast.

See my preview of the architecture exhibit.

We’ve got more E. coli photos on our Flickr.

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