Photo of Epee book returned for Christmas

Written by on December 19, 2012

One library book came home for Christmas

Fencing with the Epee by Roger Crosnier is small, red, only 151 pages long, and finally home at Kennedy Library after 36 years of living on the other side of the country. The book was checked out in 1976 by a former library employee, who eventually moved to Washington, D.C.

Photo of last checkout date“I have recently discovered that I accidentally brought along a book belonging to Cal Poly which I am now returning with apologies,” he wrote in a letter to university librarian Anna Gold. “I have fond memories of the library and San Luis Obispo which I cherish even after all these years.”

The man, who worked in the catalog department, sent his best holiday wishes in a Christmas card, along with a donation to the Cal Poly Foundation — perhaps to cover late fees. However, the little book and charming story behind its travels is the real gift! With thanks to our conscientious friend for returning the book, 36 years later, with such thoughtfulness.

Yet we have one lingering question… How are his fencing skills?

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