Photo of three guests at Science Cafe with the worm box

Written by on June 27, 2012

Stewarding worms for Science Cafe

In my garage at home I carefully drilled small holes into a plastic bin that had once held guitar magazines. The worms had arrived at our doorstep earlier that day and I needed to make a home for them to live in until our final Cal Poly Science Cafe event of the 2011-2012 academic year on May 24, 2012.

That was about a week away and I was nervous about keeping the worms happy. I’m not sure why since they’re not that fussy and I’ve successfully kept dogs, cats, fish and plants alive. Nevertheless, I did some worried consulting with Hunter Francis, the Director of the CAFES Center for Sustainability, who assured me the worms would be just fine.

Indeed, they were and looking industrious during Hunter’s portion of Transformed! Closing the Loop with Worms, when he assembled a worm box while explaining the benefits of vermicomposting. Miguel, a Cal Poly student, was the lucky Science Cafe guest who won the worm box at the end of our get together. Miguel was excited to take the vermi-house home, where the worms now live on under his care and food scraps. I asked him to send us an occasional update via Facebook, to let us know the worms are well.

Beyond the small scale, Ralph Crevoshay, President of VermiVision, explained the history of vermicomposting (thanks Charles Darwin) and how it can be successfully used in large scale agricultural endeavors. They’re installing a system right here at Cal Poly, which is available to those affiliated with the university to use as a means to study different phenomenon that happen as part of vermicomposting. Learn more in the video below or by visiting our event page.

We hope to see you this fall for a new year of Science Cafes! Find out when they’re happening by joining us on Facebook.

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