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Kennedy Library increases access to research articles

January 19, 2012 — Kennedy Library has acquired access to scholarly article citations from 1972-1981 through the Web of Science database, increasing Cal Poly’s access to science and social science indexing from a critical period of US and international research.

Additional ten years of scholarly content

“The purchase of these ten years of scholarly content via the Web of Knowledge platform provides our faculty and students with 5.7 million new records in the sciences and social sciences,” said Tim Strawn, Director of Library Information Resources and Archives.

“This is a substantial expansion of access to content, and the integration of this content with the library’s full-text linking and rapid article delivery services means that our users will have immediate full-text access or content delivery within days or even hours,” Strawn said.

With this acquisition, researchers can now find, access, and analyze the many scholarly articles published from 1972 to today. Articles include links to later articles and conference proceedings that cite them.

About Web of Science

Web of Science is one of several Web of Knowledge databases. It provides access to leading scholarly journal articles as well as proceedings of international conferences, symposia, seminars, colloquia, workshops, and conventions in the sciences and social sciences. Cal Poly Web of Science access includes the Science Citation Index and the Social Science Citation Index.

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