Written by on September 21, 2011

Launched! The library has a new mobile-friendly site

Now, when you visit our website using an iPhone or Android device, you will find a launch-pad to our mobile-friendly content and web applications.

For When You’re On the Go

Check library hours from the bus. Look for an available computer on real-time maps. Find books, articles and databases. Use research guides. You can now do more with your library from your phone.

For When You Need to Know

Instead of walking from floor to floor, use your phone to see maps of computer locations and availability, as well as find the computers that offer the assistive technologies you may need. It’s new, real-time information about what computers are available in the library.

You Have Options

You still have the option to visit the full library site instead of the mobile-formatted site if you prefer, or if you require additional services not offered in a mobile-friendly format.

See it here: http://m.lib.calpoly.edu/

Tell Us What You Think

What other library services would you like to see mobilized? We love to hear what you think.

Suggestions for the web site


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