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Group Study and Quiet Study

We launched our Graduate Student Study Room a couple of years ago and it has been popular and well-used. Almost immediately, however, we heard from students that they still needed a reserved Quiet Study space. Over the past year we transitioned our 4th-floor quiet study room into a Graduate Student Quiet Study Room. It’s now configured similarly to the existing Grad Study Room — furniture, white boards, computers and lockers — but specifically reserved for those needing a quiet environment. Read more to find out about our recent improvements.


New furniture

You wanted comfy furniture and we got you comfy furniture.

  • Huge, oversized and overfilled bean bag chairs in the 3rd floor Group Study room

New white boards

  • Enormous, wall-covering white boards in the 3rd-floor Group Study room
  • Moveable and personal white boards in the 4th-floor Quiet Study Room

New configuration

  • Furniture that facilitates group study and collaboration
  • Furniture that allows for privacy and self-containment


More amenities

Both rooms have open computers.

Mobile lockers
Grad students can check out a mobile locker for up to 90 days. The locker stays in one of the grad study rooms when you are away from the library, but can travel with you on any floor when you are ready to study.

Standard lockers
Need something more standard? We have a bank of lockers available on the second floor.

The Library thanks Dean Susan Opava, Research and Graduate Programs, for her continuing support in helping the Library create a welcoming graduate community space on campus.

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