Written by on April 7, 2009

Money Walks: An Experiment in Serial Storytelling

46001204-06122542-100116.gifFrom the LA Times:

This is the first chapter in an experiment in serial storytelling called “Money Walks” that we will publish in Calendar during the next three weeks. Every weekday and Saturday between now and April 24, we will bring you another installment, first by our own Mary McNamara, and then by Los Angeles fiction writers including, among others, Seth Greenland, Marisa Silver, Aimee Bender, Denise Hamilton and Jerry Stahl.

Each chapter is about 600 words long. The story so far is about the widespread disappearance of money from every type of financial account everywhere (not such a stretch, given the current financial climate and the extent to which online transactions have taken hold), told through the eyes of an Episcopal priest in LA. Read LA Times television critic Mary McNamara’s first chapter here; novelist Seth Greenland (Shining City, The Bones) picks up Chapter 2 today here.

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