Written by on August 10, 2007

Man on the Street – What Are You Reading?

Since I’m not in the stacks this month, I went farther afield to find out who’s reading what. I asked Chris and Jessica, who were passing through on their way to a pig roast in Napa, what they’re reading.


He’s just started reading Dugout by Terry Allen (given to him by the guy organizing the pig roast, if I have my facts straight). Allen is a Texas singer/songwriter as well as a visual artist. One fan describes him as a “chicken-fried renaissance man.” The book includes his prose, poetry, and photos of his visual works, as well as a CD of a live performance. Here’s information on his music.


She’s reading News Junkie, by Jason Leopold, who is one of the reporters who broke the Enron story. In the book, he exposes his double life as a journalist and a cocaine addict and thief. Here’s his blog on the Huffington Post.

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