Off-campus access

Did you know? If you are a Cal Poly student, faculty or staff member you can use most of our online services from the library, your residence hall, your home, or anywhere you have online access.

The two simplest ways to do this are:

Starting at either Find Everything, Databases A-Z list, Online Journals by Title or PolyCat should eventually prompt you to log in at the right time/place.


Log into the My Cal Poly Portal first and then go to the Library tab, and then to the Kennedy Library homepage from within this tab.

Helpful resource links

You can also access databases from the Library Tab at MyCalPoly.


If you’re unsure you’re logged in properly, check that this string of letters is somewhere in the URL of the article you’re viewing:  If you don’t see this, try going through steps 1 or 2 the top of this page and using our Citation Linker on this page or Google Scholar to re-search for the article.

We have occasionally seen people have problems when they were either idle or “wandered” from the original session, which can be caused by the portal timing out in the background. If it’s been a while and access seems to stop working, return to the library home page and browse your way back to the article by means of the Databases list, PolyCat, etc.

Sometimes opening another tab or window while doing research can result in dropping out our system. If you start having problems, make sure you haven’t “wandered” too far from your original session.

Need help with this?

No problem. Ask us – we’re here to help.