Links to the Land


The idea

Links to the Land is our celebration of the people and the land that sustain the central coast of California.
First conceived as an exhibit inspired by local ranchers Jim and Norma Sinton, Links to the Land represents our commitment to stewardship of our region’s history, people, and lands.
At the heart of our Links to the Land vision is Kennedy Library’s Special Collections and Archives, a dynamic and open space used by students and scholars from all Cal Poly’s disciplines. Our Special Collections team is an active partner in the rich network of cultural organizations on the central coast.
Cal Poly’s own history and identity is also documented here in the University Archives, providing the campus and our Cal Poly community with a unique space for celebration and reflection.


The stories and connections of our land are told through our collections of oral histories, printed books, architectural records, city documents, artifacts, personal papers, photographs, sound and moving images, data, and more.

These are the fertile ground where today’s scholars and students discover connections, and add their own perspectives and stories to enrich our common legacy.

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