Initiative for Digital IDEAS

Giving to the library

The idea

The library’s Initiative for Digital IDEAS (Innovations in Discovery, Expression, Access, and Scholarship, or <iDi>), is our uniquely polytechnic strategy for integrating digital technology throughout the library’s programs and services.

The digital age is transforming scholarship and learning. <iDi> is providing the platforms, skills, tools, and services that leverage and enhance Cal Poly’s culture of Learn by Doing.


Digital projects, services, and tools infuse our spaces. Digital tools, skills, design, and resources are woven into the fabric of the library: we provide high quality tools to help students discover just the right information; offer low-barrier access and peer support in using digital data; provide digital platforms where students and faculty can publish and share their scholarship; and we digitize the treasures of our unique archives so we can share them with the world.

Ways to give