ChismeArte, ¡Y Que!: Expanding L.A.’s Chicano Aesthetic

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How a magazine of hybrid, radical street art, barrio iconography, and avant-garde literature questioned, expanded, and experimented with the possibilities of Chicano urban identity.

Artists and Authors

The Artists

Carlos Almaraz
Barbara Carrasco
Harry Gamboa Jr
Ester Hernandez
Leo Limon
John Valadez


The Exhibit

  • Exhibit: April 17th – June 16th, 2008
  • Opening Reception: Thursday April 24th, 4:30pm – 6:00pm
  • Location: Robert E. Kennedy Library, Learning Commons 2nd floor

Opening Reception and Talk

  • When: Thursday April 24th 4:30pm – 6:00pm
  • Speakers: Authors Alejandro Murguia, Victor Valle and Raul Villa
  • Sponsors: Ethnic Studies Department and the Chicana Latino Faculty Staff Association

“Representing and re-defining L.A.’s Latino experience…”

The exhibition highlights a moment in the careers of a cadre of Chicano authors and artists who would later receive critical acclaim for representing and re-defining L.A.’s Latino experience. ChismeArte Magazine offered writers and artists a rare venue in which to experiment with Chicano identity.

The magazine’s motto — a “Molotov cocktail for aesthetic appetite” — illustrates that provocative stance toward its readers. Not always seamless in their pastiche, the magazine’s creators attempted to use ChismeArte as a vehicle for self-expression and critical debate within the Chicano community.

ChismeArte is presented in collaboration with Kennedy Library, the Ethnic Studies Department and the Chicana Latino Faculty Staff Association (CLFSA).



Catherine J. Trujillo, Special Collections
(805) 756-2305

Victor Valle, Chair Ethnic Studies
(805) 756-1707