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Call Number TitleAuthor
American women's history : a very short introduction Ware, Susan, 1950-
320.51092 PAI165M2 (WB) Thomas Paine : crusader for liberty : how one man's ideas helped form a new nation Marrin, Albert.
398 AND22E2 1997 (WB) Kejserens nye klæder. English;The emperor's new clothes Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian), 1805-1875.
813.2 BUY987B3 (WB) Because of Mr. Terupt. Teachers edition Buyea, Rob.
813.2 COV838C6 (WB) The cottage in the woods Coville, Katherine.
813.2 DOD664A5 (WB) Alice's adventures in Wonderland Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898.
813.2 DOD664M6 (WB) Alice's adventures in wonderland;More annotated Alice : Alice's adventures in wonderland and Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898.
813.2 WAL106L4 (WB) Like water on stone Walrath, Dana, author.
813.3 BRO814G6 1975 (WB) Goodnight moon Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952.
813.3 BRO814M9 (WB) My world Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952.
813.3 BRO814R8 1972 (WB) The runaway bunny. Pictures by Clement Hurd. Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952.
813.3 LLO779H5 (WB) The house that's your home Lloyd-Jones, Sally, 1960-
813.3 MCC132M 1969 (WB) Make way for ducklings McCloskey, Robert, 1914-2003.
813.3 PET456I (WB) I don't want to be a frog Petty, Dev, author.
813.3 PIP661L 1997 (WB) The little engine that could Piper, Watty.
813.3 SAM49S8 (WB) Stranger in the woods : a photographic fantasy Sams, Carl R.
813.3 SEU81S5 (WB) Works. Selections. 1991;Six by Seuss. Seuss, Dr.
940.54 HIL557U6 (WB) Unbroken (Young adult book);Unbroken : an Olympian's journey from airman to castaway to captive Hillenbrand, Laura.
979.404 KAY18R6 (WB) Rough, tough Charley Kay, Verla.
AZ105 .A35 2014 (INTERNET) Advancing digital humanities [electronic resource] : research, methods, theories
B1854 .F68 2008 Descartes' Meditations : a reader's guide Francks, Richard.
B1887 .L567 2014 Battle of the gods and giants : the legacies of descartes and gassendi, 1655-1715 Lennon, Thomas M., author.
BF311 .S67715 2007 Echo objects : the cognitive work of images Stafford, Barbara Maria, 1941-
BL625 .H335 2015 Three mystics walk into a tavern : a once and future meeting of Rumi, Meister Eckhart, and Moses de León in medieval Venice Harrington, James C., 1946- author.
D16 .T74 2014 (INTERNET) Toward spatial humanities [electronic resource] : historical GIS and spatial history
D16.8 .O556 2014 (INTERNET) Thinking history globally [electronic resource] Olstein, Diego Adrián.
DS719 .S43 2015 The archaeology of early China : from prehistory to the Han Dynasty Shelach-Lavi, Gideon, author.
E501 .C53 2015 (INTERNET) Civil War Washington [electronic resource] : history, place, and digital scholarship
F864.S44 B44 2015 Junípero Serra : California, Indians, and the transformation of a missionary Beebe, Rose Marie, author.
FIC Garza Lucha libre : the Man in the Silver Mask : a bilingual cuento Garza, Xavier.
FIC Sendak Where the wild things are. Spanish;Donde viven los monstruos Sendak, Maurice.
G70.212 .F79 2015 Getting to know web GIS Fu, Pinde, 1968- author.
G70.212 .T74 2015 (INTERNET) Abstract machine [electronic resource] : humanities GIS Travis, Charles, 1964-
GA102.3 .V64 2014eb (INTERNET) Paradigms in cartography [electronic resource] : a epistemological review of the 20th and 21st centuries Azocar Fernandez, Pablo Ivan.
GB656.2.R44 (INTERNET) Fluvial remote sensing for science and management [electronic resource] Carbonneau, Patrice.
GE195 S874 2014 Sustainable practices : social theory and climate change
Good Reads (2nd floor) The Whites : a novel Brandt, Harry, 1949- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) So, anyway ... Cleese, John, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Salvage the bones : a novel Ward, Jesmyn.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The accidental empress Pataki, Allison, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Double fudge brownie murder Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Hush, hush Lippman, Laura, 1959- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Aquarium Vann, David, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The last flight of Poxl West : a novel Torday, Daniel.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Mindful work : how meditation is changing business from the inside out Gelles, David (Business journalist)
Good Reads (2nd floor) Data and Goliath : the Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World Schneier, Bruce, 1963- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Girl in a band Gordon, Kim, 1953- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) All the old knives Steinhauer, Olen, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Motive Kellerman, Jonathan, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Short stories. Selections;A blink of the screen : collected shorter fiction Pratchett, Terry, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Crash & Burn : A Novel Gardner, Lisa, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Twelve days Berenson, Alex, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Men we reaped : a memoir Ward, Jesmyn, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Last one home : a novel Macomber, Debbie, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Terms of service : social media and the price of constant connection Silverman, Jacob, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Future crimes : everything is connected, everyone is vulnerable, and what we can do about it Goodman, Marc, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) H is for Hawk Macdonald, Helen, 1970-
Good Reads (2nd floor) Dead wake : the last crossing of the Lusitania Larson, Erik, 1954- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Hild Griffith, Nicola.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Adult onset MacDonald, Ann-Marie, 1958-
Good Reads (2nd floor) Radiant days : a novel Hand, Elizabeth.
GV182.3 .H85 1998 Planning parks for people Hultsman, John T.
H61.28 .C64 2014 (INTERNET) Cognitive interviewing methodology [electronic resource]
HC79.D45 D58 2015 Disaster's impact on livelihood and cultural survival : losses, opportunities, and mitigation
HF5415.1255 C484 2014 (INTERNET) Personal branding for dummies [electronic resource] Chritton, Susan.
HM1169 .P45 2015 (INTERNET) This is why we can't have nice things [electronic resource] : mapping the relationship between online trolling and mainstream culture Phillips, Whitney, 1983-
HN980 .T487 2012 Rural design : a new design discipline Thorbeck, Dewey.
HT166 .I537 2015 Incomplete streets : processes, practices and possibilities
HT185 .C758 2014 Critical spaces : contemporary perspectives in urban, spatial and landscape studies
KF5708 .I54 2012 2012 Uniform solar energy International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.
KNQ3062 .T53 2014 (INTERNET) Property rights, land values and urban development [electronic resource] : betterment and compensation in China Tian, Li.
LB1572 .P35 2014 (INTERNET) Teaching the core skills of listening and speaking [electronic resource] Palmer, Erik, 1953-
LB2369 .E2813 2015 Come si fa una tesi di laurea. English.;How to write a thesis Eco, Umberto.
LB3060.83 .H37 2014 (INTERNET) Creating a classroom culture that supports the common core [electronic resource] : teaching questioning, conversation techniques, and other essential skills Harris, Bryan (Teacher)
LB880.L472 (INTERNET) Levinas, subjectivity, education [electronic resource] : towards an ethics of radical responsibility Strhan, Anna.
LC3725 .N88 2014 Educating English learners : what every classroom teacher needs to know Nutta, Joyce W., author.
LC72.2 .C35 2012 (INTERNET) Establishing academic freedom [electronic resource] : politics, principles, and the development of core values Cain, Timothy Reese.
ML410.B4 E56 2014 The key to Beethoven : connecting tonality and meaning in his music Ellison, Paul M.
N6512.5.A25 C725 2012 An audience of artists : Dada, Neo-Dada, and the emergence of abstract expressionism Craft, Catherine.
N6512.5.A66 T35 2014 Take it or leave it : institution, image, ideology Burton, Johanna, author.
N72.S6 R45 2013 (INTERNET) Your everyday art world [electronic resource] Relyea, Lane, 1960-
N7433.3 .C63 2007 (Spec Coll) Book art object Codex Book Fair and Symposium (1st : 2007 : Berkeley, Calif.)
N7433.3 .C632 2011 (Spec Coll) Book art object 2 : second catalogue of the Codex Foundation biennial international book exhibition and symposium, Berkeley, 2011 Codex Book Fair and Symposium (3rd : 2011 : Berkeley, Calif.)
N8660.D77 A4 2015 Inventing impressionism : Paul Durand-Ruel and the modern art market
NA1088.M65 K7613 2014 (Oversize) Mies. English;Mies van der Rohe : the built work Krohn, Carsten.
NA1223.U88 A4 2008 Jørn Utzon : the architect's universe Utzon, Jørn, 1918-2008.
NA1223.U88 A8813 2014 Jørn Utzon. English;Jørn Utzon : drawings and buildings Andersen, Michael Asgaard, 1973-
NA1455.F53 S24435 2014 Saarinen houses Jetsonen, Jari, 1958- author.
NA1563.4 .Y525 2005 Seowon : the architecture of Korea's private academies Yi, Sang-hae, 1948-
NA1565 .C467 2013 (INTERNET) Architecture and urbanism in modern Korea [electronic resource] Chŏng, In-ha, 1964-
NA2005 .A69 2014 Architecture live projects : pedagogy into practice
NA2542.3 .B76 2013 (INTERNET) Sun, wind, and light: architectural design strategies [electronic resource] Brown, G. Z.
NA2542.36 .G744 2014 Green walls green roofs : designing sustainable architecture
NA2542.4 .E56 2004 Environmental diversity in architecture
NA2543.T43 F33 2014 FABRICATE : negotiating design & making FABRICATE (Conference) (2014 : Zurich, Switzerland)
NA2545.A1 B69 2014 Doing disability differently : an alternative handbook on architecture, dis/ability and designing for everyday life Boys, Jos, author.
NA2705.5 .G65 2013 (Oversize) Never built Los Angeles Goldin, Greg, author.
NA2930 .S23 2014 Sabato Rodia's towers in Watts : art, migrations, development
NA6313.L67 L67 2014 Los Angeles Union Station
NA702.2 .L37 2004 City, temple, stage : eschatological architecture and liturgical theatrics in New Spain Lara, Jaime, 1947-
NA735.L55 E94 2013 Everything loose will land : 1970s art and architecture in Los Angeles
NA735.L55 I54 2014 (IN)formal L.A. : the space of politics
NA735.L55 O94 2013 (Oversize) Overdrive : L.A. constructs the future, 1940-1990
NA735.S437 L95 2013 (Oversize) The Sea Ranch : Fifty Years of Architecture, Landscape, Place, and Community on the Northern California Coast Lyndon, Donlyn.
NA737.F48 R37 2014 California moderne and the mid-century dream : the architecture of Edward H. Fickett Rapaport, Richard, author.
NA737.J628 A4 2013 A. Quincy Jones : building for better living
NA737.K683 A4 2014 Sense of place : elements of California modernism
NA737.M76 A35 2014 (Oversize) Mickey Muennig : dreams and realization for a living architecture Muennig, G. K., 1935- author.
NA737.W7 W55 2014 (Oversize) Frank Lloyd Wright on the West Coast Wilson, Mark A. (Mark Anthony), author.
NA7432 .K63 2010 Chinese houses of Southeast Asia : the eclectic architecture of sojourners and settlers Knapp, Ronald G., 1940-
NA7860 .T4513 2002 Nejmenší byt. English;The minimum dwelling = L'habitation minimum = Die Kleinstwohnung : the housing crisis, housing reform ... Teige, Karel, 1900-1951.
NA9031 .B44 2014 Pop-up city : city-making in a fluid world Beekmans, Jeroen, author.
NA9040 .N49 2014 New civic art
NK2586.W4 A4 2014 Wegner : just one good chair Olesen, Christian Holmsted, author.
NX571.C9 M6713 2014 Czech action art : happenings, actions, events, land art, body art and performance art behind the iron curtain Morganová, Pavlína.
PA3975.M4 R63 2008 Medea. English;Medea Euripides.
PE1128.A2 E355 2015 (INTERNET) Effective educational programs, practices, and policies for English learners [electronic resource]
PN1992.77.F765 M85 2014 (INTERNET) The multiple worlds of Fringe [electronic resource] : essays on the J.J. Abrams Science Fiction Series
PN1997.2.A94 A95 2014 (INTERNET) Avatar and philosophy [electronic resource] : learning to see
PQ1426.E5 S78 2015 (INTERNET) Aucassin and Nicolette [electronic resource] : a facing-page edition and translation
PQ1842 .M337 2011 Molière et son premier Tartuffe : genèse et évolution d'une pièce à scandale McBride, Robert, 1941-
PQ2463 .P5713 2011 Poèmes saturniens. English;Poems under Saturn = Poèmes saturniens Verlaine, Paul, 1844-1896.
PR1928.W64 P58 2012 Chaucer's feminine subjects : figures of desire in the Canterbury tales Pitcher, John A., 1965-
PR2802.A2 B48 2005 Antony and Cleopatra Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
PR2804.A2 D67 2004 The comedy of errors Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
PR2811.A2 M4 2007 Henry IV, part 2;The second part of King Henry IV Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
PR2812.A2 G9 2005 Henry V;King Henry V Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
PR2820.A2 G8 2003 King Richard II Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
PR2826.A2 C74 2010 The merry wives of Windsor Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
PR2828.A2 M37 2003 Much ado about nothing Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
PR2829.A2 S263 2003 Othello Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
PR2830.A2 D45 1998 Pericles;Pericles, Prince of Tyre Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
PR2842 .R64 2006 Poems. Selections;The poems : Venus and Adonis, the rape of Lucrece, the phoenix and the turtle, the passionate pilgrim, A lover's complaint Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.
PR2859.A2 M45 1998 King Edward III
PS217.T7 T69 2014 (INTERNET) Toward a female genealogy of transcendentalism [electronic resource]
PS3511.I9 T48 1996 This side of paradise Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940.
PS3515.E37 T6 1999 To have and have not Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961.
PS3566.L27 B4325 2012 The bell jar
PS3572.O5 A6 2012 Works. Selections. 2012;Novels & stories 1950-1962 Vonnegut, Kurt.
PT85 .R68 2002 Deutsche Literatur in Beispielen : Texte - Erläuterungen - Fragen Rötzer, Hans Gerd.
Q125 .B728 2015 Scientists at war : the ethics of Cold War weapons research Bridger, Sarah.
QA372 .R77 2004 An introduction to ordinary differential equations Robinson, James C. (James Cooper), 1969-
QA76.2.P38 A3 2008 The last lecture Pausch, Randy, author.
QB857.5.E96 L64 2013 (INTERNET) The first galaxies in the universe [electronic resource] Loeb, Abraham.
QC21.3 .Y68 2008 Sears and Zemansky's University physics : with modern physics. Young, Hugh D.
QC874.3 .M377 2015eb (INTERNET) Mapping and modeling weather and climate with GIS [electronic resource]
QD251.3 .L68 2009 Organic chemistry Loudon, G. Marc.
QE515 (INTERNET) Geochemistry [electronic resource] White, William M., 1948-
QH541 .G374 2014 Community ecology : analytical methods using R and Excel® Gardener, Mark., author.
QK980 .E87 2013 (INTERNET) The evolution of plant form [electronic resource]
QM25 .M32 2016 Anatomy & physiology : an integrative approach McKinley, Michael P.
QR121 .D282 2015 (INTERNET) Dairy microbiology [electronic resource] : a practical approach
R722.32.P43 A3 2014 Peake in China : memoirs of Ernest Cromwell Peake Peake, Ernest Cromwell, 1874-1950, author.
RM222.2 .B7834 2015 Body of truth : how science, history, and culture drive our obsession with weight--and what we can do about it Brown, Harriet, author.
S591 .S693 2013 (INTERNET) Soil conditions and plant growth [electronic resource]
SB320.9 W45 2014 Vegetable production and practices Welbaum, G. E. (Gregory E.)
SB454.3.P45 S68 2015 Landscape and urban design for health and well-being : using healing, sensory, therapeutic gardens Souter-Brown, Gayle.
SB473 .T56 2009 (Oversize) Modern garden design : the big book of ideas Timm, Ulrich.
SF951 .S73 2015 (INTERNET) Equine emergency and critical care medicine [electronic resource] Southwood, Louise L.
TA684 .A47 2011 (Ref) Steel construction;Steel construction manual. American Institute of Steel Construction.
TH1098 .M37 2013 (Oversize) Das Marburger Bausystem
TH437 .M67 2014 BIM for Construction Health and Safety Mordue, Stefan, author.
TH7687.5 .C65 2010 Comfort in a lower carbon society
TH891 .G87 2014 Tall buildings : structural systems and aerodynamic form Günel, Mehmet Halis.
TK3105 .M53 2014 (INTERNET) Microgrids [electronic resource] : architectures and control
TK7872.M25 (INTERNET) High-frequency magnetic components [electronic resource] Kazimierczuk, Marian.
TP343 .H336 2014 (INTERNET) Fuels and fuel-additives [electronic resource] Srivastava, S. P. (Som Prakash), 1940-
TP570 .P57 2015 Biochemistry of beer fermentation Pires, Eduardo.
TX633 .S55 2015 Southern provisions : the creation & revival of a cuisine Shields, David S., 1951- author.
TX715 .N445 2015 American regional cuisine Nenes, Michael F.
TX820 .G524 2015 Essentials of professional cooking Gisslen, Wayne, 1946-
TX823 .V67 2016 Street foods Von Bargen, Hinnerk.
Z258 .F56 2013 (Archives) Color printing excellence Field, Gary G.
Z679.2.N42 S653 2013 Spijkenisse : make some noise Baartman, Nicoline, 1960-