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Call Number TitleAuthor
(INTERNET) Don Juan Molière,
(INTERNET) Bourgeois gentilhomme Molière
(INTERNET) Malade imaginaire Molière
(INTERNET) Tartuffe ou l'Imposteur Molière
(INTERNET) Les Fourberies de Scapin Molière
(INTERNET) Les Précieuses ridicules Ligaran
(INTERNET) Amphitryon : Comédie Molière
(INTERNET) Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio Boccaccio, Giovanni
(INTERNET) Don Quixote Saavedra, Miguel De Cervantes
(INTERNET) Maximes, mémoires et lettres La Rochefoucauld, François
303.385 V235G4 2011 (DVD) Valentino's ghost : images of Arabs
363.585 SE82A2 2015 (DVD) 70 acres in Chicago : Cabrini Green
AGX CA A2 P9 3545 (Docs) Pistachio production manual
B2521 .H67 2016 Kurze Geschichte der deutschen Philosophie. English. A short history of German philosophy Hösle, Vittorio
B832 .O755 2016 (INTERNET) Toppling the melting pot : immigration and multiculturalism in American pragmatism Orosco, José-Antonio
BL1840 .Z43 2015 Confucianism in contemporary Chinese politics : an actionable account of authoritarian political culture Zhang, Shanruo Ning
BL1900.C576 C5383 2016 Zhuangzi's critique of the Confucians : blinded by the human Chong, Kim Chong
BL2565 .O24 2012 (INTERNET) Obeah and other powers : the politics of Caribbean religion and healing
CB450 .S3513 2016 Im Raume lesen wir die Zeit. English. In space we read time : on the history of civilization and geopolitics Schlögel, Karl
D769.8.A6 .B536 2016eb (INTERNET) Christianity, social justice, and the Japanese American incarceration during World War II Blankenship, Anne M
D810.E3 C37 1993 (INTERNET) Colleges and universities in World War II Cardozier, V R
E184.A1 C592 2016 Connexions : histories of race and sex in North America
F232.S7 C66 2017 The confessions of Nat Turner with related documents
GB451.2 .D76 2016 (INTERNET) Dynamics of coastal systems Dronkers, J J
GC1018.5 .S35 2016 (INTERNET) Science, information, and policy interface for effective coastal and ocean management
GC29 .L35 2016 (INTERNET) The geography of the ocean : knowing the ocean as a space Laloë, Anne-Flore
GF21 .B465 2010 (INTERNET) Vibrant matter : a political ecology of things Bennett, Jane
Good Reads (2nd floor) Breathing lessons : a novel Sinclair, Andy
Good Reads (2nd floor) Under the udala trees Okparanta, Chinelo
Good Reads (2nd floor) After the parade : a novel Ostlund, Lori
Good Reads (2nd floor) Monstress. Volume one, Awakening Liu, Marjorie M
Good Reads (2nd floor) The fifth season Jemisin, N K
Good Reads (2nd floor) Blindspot : hidden biases of good people Banaji, Mahzarin R
Good Reads (2nd floor) Commonwealth : a novel Patchett, Ann
GT2890 R53 2016 Craft obsession : the social rhetorics of beer Rice, Jeff (Jeff R)
HD87.5 .I575 2017 Insurgencies and revolutions : reflections on John Friedmann's contributions to planning theory and practice
HQ1180 .H47 2007 (INTERNET) Feminist research practice : a primer Hesse-Biber, Sharlene Nagy
HQ73 .S24 2016 Safe zones : training allies of LGBTQIA+ young adults
HT1521 .A837 2017 A global view of race and racism Aulette, Judy Root
HT166 .M5876 2016 The social fabric of cities Moraes Netto, Vinicius
HT394.O25 S56 2017 Flame and fortune in the American West : urban development, environmental change, and the great Oakland Hills fire Simon, Gregory
HV41 .C548 2017 Proposal writing : effective grantsmanship for funding Coley, Soraya M (Soraya Moore)
HV640.4.E8 Z59 2016 Refugees, terror and other troubles with the neighbors : against the double blackmail Žižek, Slavoj
HV7936.R3 .L69 2016 They can't kill us all : Ferguson, Baltimore, and a new era in America's racial justice movement Lowery, Wesley
HV9471 .T653 2016 (INTERNET) Sentencing fragments : penal reform in America, 1975-2025 Tonry, Michael H
K3240 .P48 2016 (INTERNET) Beyond human rights : the legal status of the individual in international law Peters, Anne
LB2331 .P3625 2017 (INTERNET) Leading learning and teaching in higher education : the key guide to designing and delivering courses Parkin, Doug
LB3609 .H367 2016 Handbook of research on academic misconduct in higher education
LC1047.G7 V64 2017 (INTERNET) Vocationalism in further and higher education : policy, programmes and pedagogy
LC220.5 .E847 2015eb (INTERNET) eService-learning : creating experiential learning and civic engagement through online and hybrid courses
M1003.W17 R5 1964 Richard III. Selections; arranged. A Shakespeare suite, Richard III Walton, William
M1507 .S74 1956 Spanish songs of the 18th century : Tonadillas escenicas : for voice and piano
M1620.D795 F3 1971 Vocal music. Selections; arranged. Fifty songs : in two books Dowland, John
M1620.D795 F3 1971 Vocal music. Selections; arranged. Fifty songs : in two books Dowland, John
M1620.F753 I45 1939 Songs. Selections. Immortal melodies Foster, Stephen Collins
M1730.A88 P3 1950 Pariser Tanzbuch aus dem Jahre 1530; erstes von Pierre Attingens (Attaingnant) gedrucktes Tanzbuch, zusammen mit den Tänzen von 1529. [Für Blockflötenchor oder andere Melodie-Instrumente] übertragen und hrsg. von F. . Giesbert. Spielpartitur Attaingnant, Pierre, active 1528-1549, compiler
M2.S11 A4 1936 Eine altes Spielbuch : aus der Zeit um 1500 : mit 3, 4, und 5 Stimmen für Blockflöten oder beliebige andere Instrumente : Pergament-Handschrift (Liber Fridolini Sichery) der Stiftsbibliothek zu St. Gallen
M2.S11 A4 1936 Eine altes Spielbuch : aus der Zeit um 1500 : mit 3, 4, und 5 Stimmen für Blockflöten oder beliebige andere Instrumente : Pergament-Handschrift (Liber Fridolini Sichery) der Stiftsbibliothek zu St. Gallen
M2011.P25 A83 K3 1900z Missa, Assumpta est Maria Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da
M2016.S48 F7 1966 Four settings of the preces and responses by Elizabethan and early Stuart composers (Byrd, Morley, Smith, Tomkins) reconstructed, edited and arranged by Watkins Shaw. Together with the preces and responses by William Smith, arranged for S. . . . by Richard Graves Shaw, Watkins
M2082 .Y4 1930 Ye olde New-England psalm-tunes, 1620-1820 : for S. . . . a cappella
M289.R245 H359 1975 Three thirteenth century dances Hedrick, Peter
M458 .S385 1957 Beckerscher Psalter. Selections; arranged. Eight Psalms Schütz, Heinrich
M486.S87 D26 1936 Danserye. Danserye : zeer lustich ende bequaem om spelen op alle musicale Instrumenten, 1551 Susato, Tielman, active 1529-1561, composer
M557.2.S345 F8 1954 Paduana, galliarda, couranta, alemande, intrada, canzonetto. Selections. Fünfstimmige Tänze für Streicher oder Bläser = Dances in five parts for strings or wind Scheidt, Samuel
ML3917.U6 C63 2916 (INTERNET) Depression folk : grassroots music and left-wing politics in 1930s America Cohen, Ronald D
MT352 .R664 1900z 95 dexterity exercises and dances for recorders in C Rooda, G
N5970 .S745 2016 How to read Medieval art Stein, Wendy Alpern
N6797.L46 A4 2011 Short stories : London in two-and-a-half dimensions Lim, C J
N7433.4.H428 I58 2012 (Spec Coll) In visible cities : an artist book Hébert, Jean-Pierre
NA1545.6 .M33 2016 MAD works, MAD Architects Ma, Yansong
NA2794 .S77 2010 The structure of light : Richard Kelly and the illumination of modern architecture
NC975.5.M47 S82 2016 (Ref) Star wars art : Ralph McQuarrie McQuarrie, Ralph
PE1628 .A623 2016 (Ref) The American Heritage dictionary of the English language
PN181 .A38 2017 After the program era : the past, present, and future of creative writing in the university
PN1998.3.P43 S57 2011 (INTERNET) Peckinpah's tragic westerns : a critical study Simons, John L
PQ2605.A3734 Z66 2015 Albert Camus Hughes, Edward
PR3184.W53 W48 2016 The white devil : a critical reader
PR9170.S573 Z59 2016 Antigone Žižek, Slavoj
PS3505.H3224 A6 1995c Selections. Later novels and other writings Chandler, Raymond
PS3551.S5 F597 2010 Foundation ; Foundation and empire ; Second foundation Asimov, Isaac
PS3569.U34775 S72 2008 (Spec Coll) The space between things : poems Sullivan, Kevin Patrick
PS3569.U34775 U63 2012 (Spec Coll) Poems. Selections. Under such brilliance Sullivan, Kevin Patrick
PS586 .C67 2014 (Spec Coll) Corners of the mouth : a celebration of thirty years at the annual San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival
QA402 .B485 2016 (INTERNET) Big data of complex networks
QB461 .K565 2016 Astrophysics and the evolution of the universe Kisslinger, Leonard S
QC175.4 .H83 2016 (INTERNET) A superfluid universe Huang, Kerson
QC929.28.B6 E64 2016 (INTERNET) Drought in Brazil : proactive management and policy Engle, Nathan
QE882.C5 M37 2016 (INTERNET) Cetacean palaeobiology Marx, Felix G
QH541 .V425 2016 (INTERNET) The theory of ecological communities Vellend, Mark
QL445.2 .P36 2016 (INTERNET) Reproduction and development in crustacea Pandian, T J
QL698.9 .D46 2016 (INTERNET) Long hops : making sense of bird migration Denny, Mark
QL737.C432 D652 2015 (INTERNET) Dolphin communication and cognition : past, present, and future
QP360 .P463 2014 Biopsychology Pinel, John P J
QP360.5 .P36 2016 Cognitive neuroscience : a very short introduction Passingham, R E
RB155 .M43 2016 (INTERNET) Medical epigenetics
SB449 .C444 2016 The flower workshop : lessons in arranging blooms, branches, fruits, and foraged materials Chezar, Ariella
SB449 .C89 2016 Bunch Up! : a step-by-step guide for budding florists Cuzzaniti, Irene
SB449 .S3582 2015 Principles of floral design : an illustrated guide Scace, Pat Diehl
SF287 .K58313 2015 Grundausbildung des jungen Reitpferdes. Basic training of the young horse : dressage, jumping, cross-country Klimke, Ingrid
SF294.3 .S33 2012 Reitpferde richtig beurteilen. English. Sport horse conformation : evaluating athletic potential in dressage, jumping and event prospects Schacht, Christian
SF309.3 .C733 2013 Ride smarter : on to the next level of horsemanship Cameron, Craig
SF309.65 .M383 2015 The dressage horse optimized with the Masterson method : developing and preserving the equine athlete through effective, sport- specific bodywork Masterson, Jim
SF88 .B52 2010 Cow-horse confidence : a time-honored approach to stockmanship Black, Martin
SF951 .G67 2016 Akupressur für Pferde. English. Acupressure for horses : hands-on techniques to solve performance problems and ease pain and discomfort Gösmeier, Ina
TD194.65 .M38 2014 (INTERNET) Environmental impact analysis : process and methods Maughan, James T
TH880 .B744 2016 Architecture and systems ecology : thermodynamic principles of environmental building design, in three parts Braham, William W
TS171.95 .W645 2016 Wohlers report 2016 : 3D printing and additive manufacturing state of the industry : annual worldwide progress report Wohlers, Terry T
TX820 .T384 2013 Techniques of healthy cooking
TX911.3.M27 R453 2014 Remarkable service