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(INTERNET) Economic Policy 55 [electronic resource]
323.119 P932O3 2014 (DVD) The price of memory
813.3 SEU81W4 (WB) What pet should I get? Seuss, Dr., author, illustrator.
AZ195 .R47 2015 (INTERNET) Rhetoric and the digital humanities [electronic resource]
B4378.L6 K75 2009 Kierkegaard on faith and love Krishek, Sharon.
D157 .C474 2014 Muslims and Crusaders : Christianity's Wars in the Middle East, 1095-1382, from the Islamic Sources Christie, Niall.
D210 .P936 2015 The Princeton companion to Atlantic history
DS530.53.T56 W34 2009 No time for dreams : living in Burma under military rule Wakeman, Carolyn.
DS556.9 .V65 2014 Voices from the Second Republic of South Vietnam (1967-1975)
DS87.5 .H384 2012 War and memory in Lebanon Haugbolle, Sune, 1976-
F1418 .W28 2015 U.S. and Latin American relations Weeks, Gregory Bart, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) 2 billion under 20 : how millennials are breaking down age barriers and changing the world
Good Reads (2nd floor) Alive Sigler, Scott.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Angels walking Kingsbury, Karen, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Badlands Box, C. J., author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Barefoot to Avalon : a brother's story Payne, David (William David), author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Between the world and me Coates, Ta-Nehisi.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Blackout : remembering the things I drank to forget Hepola, Sarah, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The book of speculation Swyler, Erika.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Born with teeth : a memoir Mulgrew, Kate, 1955- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The Bourbon Kings Ward, J. R., 1969- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Brown-eyed girl Kleypas, Lisa, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Bull Mountain Panowich, Brian, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Circling the sun : a novel McLain, Paula.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Confissão da leoa. English#Confession of the lioness Couto, Mia, 1955- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Days of awe : a novel Fox, Lauren, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The English spy Silva, Daniel, 1960-
Good Reads (2nd floor) Finders keepers : a novel King, Stephen, 1947- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The hand that feeds you Rich, A. J. (Novelist), author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) In a dark, dark wood Ware, Ruth.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Short stories. Selections#In the country : stories Alvar, Mia, 1978- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) In the unlikely event Blume, Judy, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Infinite home Alcott, Kathleen.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Kitchens of the great Midwest : a novel Stradal, J. Ryan, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Last bus to wisdom Doig, Ivan, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The last pilot : a novel Johncock, Benjamin, 1978- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Louder than words : harness the power of your authentic voice Henry, Todd, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The lure of the Moonflower Willig, Lauren, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Make your home among strangers Crucet, Jennine Capó.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Modern romance Ansari, Aziz, 1983- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The Oregon Trail : a new American journey Buck, Rinker, 1950- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Our souls at night Haruf, Kent.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Pirate hunters : treasure, obession, and the search for a legendary pirate ship Kurson, Robert, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Rising strong Brown, Brené, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Saint Mazie : a novel Attenberg, Jami, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The seven good years : a memoir Keret, Etgar, 1967- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Speak Hall, Louisa, 1982- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Street poison : the biography of Iceberg Slim Gifford, Justin, 1975-
Good Reads (2nd floor) Vendetta : Bobby Kennedy versus Jimmy Hoffa Neff, James, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Voices in the ocean : a journey into the wild and haunting world of dolphins Casey, Susan, 1962- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The water knife Bacigalupi, Paolo.
Good Reads (2nd floor) You're never weird on the Internet (almost) : a memoir Day, Felicia, 1979- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Armada : a novel Cline, Ernest.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Black chalk Yates, Christopher J., author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Code of conduct : a thriller Thor, Brad.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Dragonbane Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The girl in the spider's web : a Lisbeth Salander novel : continuing Stieg Larsson's Millennium series Lagercrantz, David, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Go set a watchman Lee, Harper, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) I hate myselfie : a collection of essays Dawson, Shane, 1988- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) In real life : my journey to a pixelated world Graceffa, Joey, 1991-
Good Reads (2nd floor) Jam on the vine : a novel Barnett, LaShonda K. (LaShonda Katrice), 1974- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Lavendelzimmer. English#The little Paris bookshop : a novel George, Nina, 1973-
Good Reads (2nd floor) Luckiest girl alive Knoll, Jessica, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Magic shifts Andrews, Ilona, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The marriage of opposites : a novel Hoffman, Alice.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The miseducation of Cameron Post Danforth, Emily M.
Good Reads (2nd floor) More happy than not Silvera, Adam, 1990-
Good Reads (2nd floor) My heart is a drunken compass : a memoir Martinez, Domingo, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The rumor : a novel Hilderbrand, Elin, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Selp-helf Sings, Miranda, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The taming of the queen Gregory, Philippa, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Novels. Selections. English#Wind/Pinball : two novels Murakami, Haruki, 1949- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) You and me and him Dinnison, Kris, author.
HA19 .P74 2012 (INTERNET) Statistics, Public Debate and the State, 1800-1945 [electronic resource] : A Social, Political and Intellectual History of Numbers Prévost, Jean-Guy, 1955-
HD3871 .H83 2016 Hybrid rule and state formation : public-private power in the 21st century
HD62.15 .C34 2009 (INTERNET) Becoming a category of one [electronic resource] : how extraordinary companies transcend commodity and defy comparison Calloway, Joe.
HG4028.C45 C539 2009 (INTERNET) Free cash flow [electronic resource] : seeing through the accounting fog machine to find great stocks Christy, George C.
LB3060.83 .K36 2015 (INTERNET) The test [electronic resource] : why our schools are obsessed with standardized testing-but you don't have to be Kamenetz, Anya, 1980-
ML3760.1 .R47 2013 Resiliency and distinction : beliefs, endurance and creativity in the musical arts of continental and diasporic Africa : a Festschrift in honor of Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje
MT50 .T98 2011 A geometry of music : harmony and counterpoint in the extended common practice Tymoczko, Dmitri, 1969-
NA6600 .N48 2013 (INTERNET) Building type basics for college and university facilities [electronic resource] Neuman, David J.
P96.D57 F36 2015 Death rays and the popular media, 1876-1939 : a study of directed energy weapons in fact, fiction and film Fanning, William J., author.
PA3131 .M395 2015 (INTERNET) Pollution and crisis in Greek tragedy [electronic resource] Meinel, Fabian, 1982-
PN1997.G56833 J66 2007 The annotated Godfather : the complete screenplay Jones, Jenny M.
PN4874.F67 F47 2011 The imperial messenger : Thomas Friedman at work Fernández, Belén, 1982-
PN98.P67 M38 2015 The Cambridge introduction to postmodernism McHale, Brian, author.
PR478.B46 C36 2014 The Cambridge Companion to the Bloomsbury Group
PR611 .A48 2015 The Alvarez generation : Thom Gunn, Geoffrey Hill, Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, and Peter Porter Wootten, William, author.
PS153.H56 H35 2015 Intersections of harm : narratives of Latina deviance and defiance Halperin, Laura, 1974- author.
PS3509.L43 Z6545 2015 Young Eliot : from St. Louis to The Waste Land Crawford, Robert, 1959-
QC20 .G743 2015 More physics with matlab Green, Dan, 1943- author.
QE537 .G45 2015 (INTERNET) Damage-based earthquake engineering [electronic resource] Ghisbain, Pierre.
R856.6 .I6883 2014 Packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices : Guidance on the application of ISO 11607-1 and ISO 11607-2 = Emballages des dispositifs médicaux stérilisés au stade terminal: Lignes directrices relatives ̀à l'application de l'application de l'ISO 11607-1 et l'ISO11607-2. International Organization for Standardization.
S604.5 .G57 2015 (INTERNET) GIS applications in agriculture. Volume 4, Conservation planning [electronic resource]
SF253 .F69 2015 Dairy chemistry and biochemistry
SF768 (INTERNET) Dukes' physiology of domestic animals [electronic resource].
TA403 .L4335 2013 (INTERNET) Materials characterization [electronic resource] : introduction to microscopic and spectroscopic methods Leng, Y. (Yang)
TH7222 .L33 2015 (INTERNET) Heating, cooling, lighting [electronic resource] : sustainable design methods for architects Lechner, Norbert.