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M1614.T485 S69 1953 Songs to poems of Thomas Campion; arranged. Four songs to the poems of Thomas Campion : for mezzo soprano, accompanied by clarinet, viola and harp Thomson, Virgil
M1579.4.S48 C52 1975 Chansons, voices (4). Selections. Twenty chansons for four voices or instruments ATTB Sermisy, Claudin de, approximately 1490-1562
M1620.R196 C6 2004 Vocal music. Selections. Collected songs Ravel, Maurice
M22.R35 P426 1924 Pièces de clavecin (1724). Selections. Pièces choisies pour clavecin. Ed. revue et doigtée par Gabriel Pierné et J. . Wiernsberger Rameau, Jean-Philippe
M1620.Q5 W3 2003 Songs. Selections. 55 songs Quilter, Roger
M178.P7 T51 1967 Terpsichore. Selections. Terpsichore : for recorders, viols, lute, krummhorns, dulcians, sorduns, and percussion (Orff type instruments) Praetorius, Michael
MT352 .L56 1963 Quartett-Übung : für Blockflöten = Exercice en quatuor : pour flûtes douces = Quartet exercise : for recorders Linde, Hans-Martin
M1621 .L28 1995 Chansons des roses. Dirait-on; arranged. Dirait-on : for high voice and piano, from "Les chansons des Roses" Lauridsen, Morten
ML410.L7986 G37 2016 Lerner and Loewe's My fair lady Garebian, Keith
M24.F715 P53 1970 Pièces de viole; arranged. Pièces de clavecin. Ed. par Colin Tilney Forqueray, Antoine
M24.C85 P521 Pièces de clavecin, 1er livre. Pièces de clavecin, premier livre. Ed. par Kenneth Gilbert Couperin, François
ML3917.U6 .C644 2016eb (INTERNET) Depression folk : grassroots music and left-wing politics in 1930s America Cohen, Ronald D
M556.B73 P3 1967 Paduanen und Galliarden, zu 5 Stimmen, 1607 Brade, William
M1621.4.B69 B5 1979 Blue Mountain ballads Bowles, Paul
M23.B414 K32 1940z Sonatas, piano. Selections. Sonatinas, complete Beethoven, Ludwig van
M7.B2 D86 1916 Organ music. Selections. Bach's smaller organ works : 8 short preludes and fugues and other pieces Bach, Johann Sebastian
M22.B11 K49 1970 Keyboard music. Selections. Keyboard music Bach, Johann Sebastian
M24.B11 BWV 825 no.1-3 Partitas, harpsichord, BWV 825-827. Partiten, 1-3 : nach dem originaldruck von 1731 Bach, Johann Sebastian
M24 .B115 1965 Suites, harpsichord, BWV 812-817. Französiche Suiten : nach der Eigenschrift und Abschriften aus Bach Familien- und Schülerkreis Bach, Johann Sebastian
M24.A26 P5 1969 Pièces de clavecin [par] François Dagincour. Ed. par Howard Ferguson Agincour, François d'
M2 E53 1975 Elizabeth Rogers, hir virginall booke
M2.M643 F70 v.6 Italienische Meister um 1600; ricercari e canzoni a quattro voci. Italian masters around 1600
M21.P72 M8 1969 Musick's hand-maid. Published by John Playford. Transcribed and edited by Thurston Dart
M22 .M96 1954 Thirty-five pieces from the Mulliner book
M179 .R44 1967 Renaissance songs and dances for recorders. Foreword by Erich Katz
M288.S66 E6 1941 Elizabethan & Shakespearean musicke for the recorder
M1495.T58 M4 1973 A medieval motet book : a collection of 13th century motets in various vocal and instrumental combinations
M1507.A237 O61 1990z Operatic anthology : celebrated arias selected from operas by old and modern composers, in five volumes
M1619 .A581 2001 Anthology of Spanish song
M1619 .C38 1976 Cavalier songs
M1619 .F741 2001 The French song anthology
M1619 .F745 1970 Forty songs from Elizabethan and Jacobean song-books
M1619 .F745 1970 Forty songs from Elizabethan and Jacobean song-books
M1619 .F745 1970 Forty songs from Elizabethan and Jacobean song-books
M1619 .F745 1970 Forty songs from Elizabethan and Jacobean song-books
M1619 .H47 1977 A heritage of 20th century British song
M1619.H74 I8 1967 Twenty-four Italian songs and arias of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries : for medium high voice
M1619 .S73 1988 Spanish theater songs : baroque and classical eras
M1738.Q85 A7 1948 The Arnold book of old songs
M2000.H46 P5 1965 The play of Herod : a twelfth-century musical drama
M2082.4 .S59 1960 A Sixteenth-century anthem book : twenty anthems for four voices