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Call Number TitleAuthor
HX73 .N48 2005 Socialism : a very short introduction Newman, Michael, 1946-
HX21 .H65 2009 Communism : a very short introduction Holmes, Leslie.
HV8073 .F692 2010 Forensic science : a very short introduction Fraser, James Curtis, 1967-
HV551.2 .T647 2015 Geographic information systems (GIS) for disaster management Tomaszewski, Brian, author.
HT241 .P53 2013 The petropolis of tomorrow
HT166 .W39 2014 We own the city : enabling community practice in architecture and urban planning
HT166 .G43713 2013 Bylivsstudier. English;How to study public life Gehl, Jan, 1936-
HT165.5-169.9 (INTERNET) E-Governance for Smart Cities [electronic resource] Vinod Kumar, T. M.
HT147.I7 S26 2013 Trans-colonial urban space in Palestine : politics and development Samman, Maha.
HQ75.4.C64 A3 2014 Eating fire : my life as a lesbian avenger Cogswell, Kelly.
HQ1206 .W24 2005 Feminism : a very short introduction Walters, Margaret, 1938-
HQ12 .M68 2008 Sexuality : a very short introduction Mottier, VĂ©ronique.
HQ1190 .H665 2015eb (INTERNET) Feminism is for everybody [electronic resource] : passionate politics hooks, bell, 1952-
HM1261 .G757 2010 Leadership : a very short introduction Grint, Keith.
HM1169 .P45 2015 (INTERNET) This is why we can't have nice things [electronic resource] : mapping the relationship between online trolling and mainstream culture Phillips, Whitney, 1983-
HJ257.2 .K59 2015 We are better than this : how government should spend our money Kleinbard, Edward D.
HG177 .S755 2007 (INTERNET) The accidental fundraiser [electronic resource] Still, Julie.
HF5718.22 .W65 2010 The Wall Street journal guide to information graphics : the dos and don'ts of presenting data, facts, and figures Wong, Dona M.
HF5549.5.I6 W549 2014 (INTERNET) Interview techniques for UX practitioners [electronic resource] : a user-centered design method Wilson, Chauncey.
HD9778.5.S4153 N74 1992 (INTERNET) Otter skins, Boston ships, and China goods [electronic resource] : the maritime fur trade of the Northwest Coast, 1785-1841 Gibson, James R.
HD926 .T536 2014eb (INTERNET) Property rights, land values and urban development [electronic resource] : betterment and compensation in China Tian, Li.
HD60 .M66 2014 Corporate social responsibility : a very short introduction Moon, Jeremy, 1955- author.
HD58.8 .M57 2003 To the desert and back : the dramatic story of one of the dramatic business transformations on record Mirvis, Philip H.
HD58.8 .H87 2015 Organization development & change Cummings, Thomas G.
HD58.7 .A665 2014 Approaches to managing organizational diversity and innovation
HD31 .H4715 2013 Management : a very short introduction Hendry, John, 1952-
HD1761 .N63 2015 (INTERNET) Agricultural policy in the United States [electronic resource] : evolution and economics Novak, James L.
HD1433 (INTERNET) OECD-FAO agricultural outlook 2013-2022 [electronic resource].
HB615 .W472 2013 Entrepreneurship : a very short introduction Westhead, Paul, 1962- author.
HB171 .D26 2007 Economics : a very short introduction Dasgupta, Partha.
H61.28 (INTERNET) Cognitive interviewing methodology [electronic resource]