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Call NumberTitle Author
TP548.5.T68 W55 2013 (INTERNET) Wine and identity [electronic resource] : branding, heritage, terroir
GE1-350 (INTERNET) Urbanization and Sustainability [electronic resource] : Linking Urban Ecology, Environmental Justice and Global Environmental Change Boone, Christopher G.
GF1-900 (INTERNET) Understanding Neighbourhood Dynamics [electronic resource] : New Insights for Neighbourhood Effects Research van Ham, Maarten.
PR509.P3 L58 2013 (INTERNET) Transforming work [electronic resource] : early modern pastoral and late medieval poetry Little, Katherine C., 1969-
ML3798 .N47 2005eb (INTERNET) The study of ethnomusicology [electronic resource] : thirty-one issues and concepts Nettl, Bruno, 1930-
DK40 .R87 2013eb (INTERNET) The Russian cinema reader. Volume two, The thaw to the present [electronic resource]
DK266 .R87 2013eb (INTERNET) The Russian cinema reader. Volume one, 1908 to the Stalin era [electronic resource]
KF2042.P45 W65 2007 (INTERNET) The professional photographer's legal handbook [electronic resource] Wolff, Nancy E.
TR690 .P54 2010 (INTERNET) The photographer's guide to marketing and self-promotion [electronic resource] Piscopo, Maria, 1953-
QA11.2 .R56 2013eb (INTERNET) The math teacher's toolbox [electronic resource] : how to teach math to teenagers and survive Rinaldi, Nicholas J., 1945-
G1000.5.M3A4 (INTERNET) The international atlas of Mars exploration. Volume 1, 1953 to 2003 [electronic resource] : the first five decades Stooke, Philip.
DS340 .K36 2004eb (INTERNET) The Indian Ocean in world history [electronic resource] Kearney, Milo.
GB451.2 .G555 2012 (INTERNET) The human shore [electronic resource] : seacoasts in history Gillis, John R.
PS3515.E288 Z57 2014 (INTERNET) The Heritage of Heinlein [electronic resource] : a Critical Reading of the Fiction Clareson, Thomas D.
RC681-688.2 (INTERNET) The Heart and Circulation [electronic resource] : An Integrative Model Furst, Branko.
QB4 (INTERNET) The Hatfield Lunar Atlas [electronic resource] : Digitally Re-Mastered Edition Cook, Anthony.
QD450-801 (INTERNET) The Chemistry of Matter Waves [electronic resource] Boeyens, Jan C.A.
ML348 .A73 2013 (INTERNET) The Arab avant-garde [electronic resource] : music, politics, modernity
NA2542.3 .B76 2013 (INTERNET) Sun, wind, and light: architectural design strategies [electronic resource] Brown, G. Z.
HA19 (INTERNET) Statistics, Public Debate and the State, 1800-1945 [electronic resource]: A Social, Political and Intellectual History of Numbers Přvost, Jean-Guy Author
S622-627 (INTERNET) Soils [electronic resource] : Principles, Properties and Management Osman, Khan Towhid.
S622-627 (INTERNET) Soil Remediation and Rehabilitation [electronic resource] : Treatment of Contaminated and Disturbed Land Meuser, Helmut.
PS3501.N4 Z549 2014 (INTERNET) Sacred land [electronic resource] : Sherwood Anderson, Midwestern modernism, and the sacramental vision of nature Buechsel, Mark, 1976-
TR154 (INTERNET) Pricing Photography [electronic resource]: The Complete Guide to Assignment and Stock Prices Heron, Michal Author
D182 .M35 2013 (INTERNET) Popular Muslim reactions to the Franks in the Levant, 1097-1291 [electronic resource] Mallett, Alexander.
QK725 .P63 2013 (INTERNET) Polyploid and hybrid genomics [electronic resource]
QB603.A85 I54 2013 (INTERNET) Planetary climates [electronic resource] Ingersoll, Andrew P.
GE1-350 (INTERNET) Physiological, Developmental and Behavioral Effects of Marine Pollution [electronic resource] Weis, Judith S.
QC175.16.B65 M46 2013eb (INTERNET) Physics of ultra-cold matter [electronic resource] : atomic clouds, Bose Einstein condensates and Rydberg plasmas Mendonça, J. T.
(INTERNET) Physics of the Upper Polar Atmosphere [electronic resource] Brekke, Asgeir.
QB462.7 .B35 2013 (INTERNET) Physics of collisionless shocks [electronic resource] : space plasma shock waves Balogh, André, 1940-
GA1-1776 (INTERNET) Paradigms in Cartography [electronic resource] : An Epistemological Review of the 20th and 21st Centuries Azócar Fernández, Pablo Iván.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Notes from the Internet Apocalypse Gladstone, Wayne, author
DS799.849.L78 A3 2014 (INTERNET) My fight for a new Taiwan [electronic resource] : one woman's journey from prison to power Lü, Xiulian.
(INTERNET) Multiscale analysis and nonlinear dynamics [electronic resource] : from genes to the brain
TK3105 .M53 2013 (INTERNET) Microgrid [electronic resource] : architectures and control
HM636 .H37 2014 (INTERNET) Media and the rhetoric of body perfection [electronic resource] : cosmetic surgery, weight loss and beauty in popular culture Harris-Moore, Deborah.
(INTERNET) Mastering the Business of Photography [electronic resource]: What the Pros Do When They're Not Taking Incredible Pictures Luna, Tony Author
TR581.W45 2006 (INTERNET) Licensing Photography [electronic resource] Weisgrau, Richard Author
BF575.F2 T8 2013 (INTERNET) Landscapes of fear [electronic resource] Tuan, Yi-fu, 1930-
QP702.L3 L33 2013 (INTERNET) Lactose [electronic resource] : structure, food industry applications and role in disorders
TP248.65.F66 (INTERNET) Ice Cream [electronic resource] Goff, H. Douglas.
GT2853.U5 W35 2013 (INTERNET) How America eats [electronic resource] : a social history of U.S. food and culture Wallach, Jennifer Jensen, 1974-
TK7876-7876.42 (INTERNET) Geolocation Techniques [electronic resource] : Principles and Applications Gentile, Camillo.
HQ1190 .V36 2014eb (INTERNET) Feminist theory, crime, and social justice [electronic resource] Van Gundy, Alana.
G1-922 (INTERNET) Evolution from the Galapagos [electronic resource] : Two Centuries after Darwin Trueba, Gabriel.
HM741 .M65 2014 (INTERNET) Epinets [electronic resource] : the epistemic structure and dynamics of social networks Moldoveanu, Mihnea C.
R726 .S54 2014 (INTERNET) Deconstructing dignity [electronic resource] : a critique of the right-to-die debate Shershow, Scott Cutler, 1953-
NA2728 .J64 2013eb (INTERNET) CAD fundamentals for architecture [electronic resource] John, Elys.
QP321 .B316 2013 (INTERNET) Basic biology and current understanding of skeletal muscle [electronic resource]
DF122 .A87 2009 (INTERNET) Aspects of ancient Greek cult [electronic resource] : context, ritual and iconography
TR581 .A86 2008 (INTERNET) ASMP professional business practices in photography [electronic resource]
QP106.6 .A54 2013eb (INTERNET) Angiogenesis in adipose tissue [electronic resource]
SF765 .B83 2012eb (INTERNET) Anatomy of the horse [electronic resource] Budras, Klaus-Dieter.
HG6024.A3 (INTERNET) An Introduction to Credit Derivatives [electronic resource] Choudhry, Moorad Author
DT154.A4 A449 2009 (INTERNET) Alexandria [electronic resource] : a cultural and religious melting pot
DT29 .C59 2014 (INTERNET) Africa in the world [electronic resource] : capitalism, empire, nation-state Cooper, Frederick, 1947-
RJ399.C6 A38 2013 (INTERNET) Advances in communication research to reduce childhood obesity [electronic resource]
(INTERNET) 2014 Photographer's Market [electronic resource]