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TX367 .B688 2013 (INTERNET) Statistical methods for food science [electronic resource] : introductory procedures for the food practitioner Bower, John A. (Lecturer in food science)
TX367 .B688 2013 (INTERNET) Statistical methods for food science [electronic resource] : introductory procedures for the food practitioner Bower, John A. (Lecturer in food science)
TS1955 .S35 2013 (INTERNET) The science of meat quality [electronic resource]
TP548 .S96 2013 (INTERNET) Sweet, reinforced, and fortified wines [electronic resource] : grape biochemistry, technology, and vinification
SF745 .F66 2009eb (INTERNET) Food animal practice [electronic resource]
S441 .L33 2013 (INTERNET) Leadership in agriculture [electronic resource] : case studies for a new generation
RJ399.C6 C4752 2013 (INTERNET) Childhood obesity [electronic resource] : causes, management and challenges
QP321 .M87 2013eb (INTERNET) Muscle cells [electronic resource] : development, disorders and regeneration
QL696.P4745 K56 2013 (INTERNET) The devil's cormorant [electronic resource] : a natural history King, Richard J.
QL368.F6 H66 2013 (INTERNET) Atlas of benthic foraminifera [electronic resource] Holbourn, Ann E. L.
QK725 .P63 2013 (INTERNET) Polyploid and hybrid genomics [electronic resource]
QK603 .P74 2013eb (INTERNET) Predictive mycology [electronic resource]
QE501 .K325 2013 (INTERNET) Physics and chemistry of the deep Earth [electronic resource]
QD31.3 .B455 2012 (INTERNET) Chemistry [electronic resource] : the impure science Bensaude-Vincent, Bernadette.
QD281.P6 M29 2013 (INTERNET) Fundamentals of polymerization [electronic resource] Mandal, Broja Mohan.
QA320 .B675 2013 (INTERNET) Functional calculi [electronic resource] Bosch Giral, Carlos.
QA11.2 .R56 2013 (INTERNET) The math teacher's toolbox [electronic resource] : how to teach math to teenagers and survive Rinaldi, Nicholas J., 1945-
Q147 .Y685 2013 (INTERNET) The new science teacher's handbook [electronic resource] : what you didn't learn from student teaching Young, Sarah Reeves.
PC4021 .H36 2014 (INTERNET) The handbook of Spanish second language acquisition [electronic resource]
NA2543.S6 R53 2012 (INTERNET) Architect knows best [electronic resource] : environmental determinism in architecture culture from 1956 to the present Richards, Simon, 1973-
K967 .K667 2013 (INTERNET) Interstate liability for climate change-related damage [electronic resource] Kosolapova, Elena.
HT170 .E35 2012 (INTERNET) The economics of uniqueness [electronic resource] : investing in historic city cores and cultural heritage assets for sustainable development
HT166 .B8195 2013 (INTERNET) Building urban resilience [electronic resource] : principles, tools and practice
HQ471 .G735 2013 (INTERNET) Why internet porn matters [electronic resource] Grebowicz, Margret, 1973-
HM741 .B57 2013 (INTERNET) Social networks and their economics [electronic resource] : influencing consumer choice Birke, Daniel.
HM626 .S55 2014 (INTERNET) Memes in digital culture [electronic resource] Shifman, Limor, 1974-
HG6024.A3 C46 2013eb (INTERNET) An introduction to credit derivatives [electronic resource] Choudhry, Moorad.
HG4028.V3 R48 2013 (INTERNET) Rethinking valuation and pricing models [electronic resource] : lessons learned from the crisis and future challenges
HA19 (INTERNET) Statistics, Public Debate and the State, 1800-1945 [electronic resource]: A Social, Political and Intellectual History of Numbers PrĖŒvost, Jean-Guy Author
GV1203 .S4953 2013 (INTERNET) The whole spectrum of social, motor, and sensory games [electronic resource] : using every child's natural love of play to enhance key skills and promote inclusion Sher, Barbara.
GT2853 (INTERNET) How America Eats [electronic resource]: A Social History of U. S. Food and Culture Wallach, Jennifer Jensen Author
GB631 .W36 2013 (INTERNET) Dunes [electronic resource] : dynamics, morphology, history Warren, Andrew.
GB451.2 .G555 2012 (INTERNET) The human shore [electronic resource] : seacoasts in history Gillis, John R.
G70.2.S35 G46 2013eb (INTERNET) Geographical information retrieval in textual corpora [electronic resource]. Sallaberry, Christian.
D182 .M35 2014 (INTERNET) Popular Muslim reactions to the Franks in the Levant, 1097-1291 [electronic resource] Mallett, Alexander.
BL216 .C66 2013 (INTERNET) A companion to the problem of evil [electronic resource]
BF575.F2 T8 2013 (INTERNET) Landscapes of fear [electronic resource] Tuan, Yi-fu, 1930-