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Call Number TitleAuthor
I 49.2: S 4/56 (INTERNET) Final environmental impact statement for translocation of southern sea otters [electronic resource]
I 29.86/4:6/ (INTERNET) Cultural landscape report for Weir Farm National Historic Site
I 27.2:H 76/12 (INTERNET) Hoover Dam [electronic resource].
I 27.19/2:C 74/5 (INTERNET) Roller-compacted concrete [electronic resource] : design and construction considerations for hydraulic structures.
I 19.91:I-1567 (INTERNET) Geologic map of the Becker SW and Cerro Montoso quadrangles, Socorro County, New Mexico Myers, Donald A., 1921- cartographer.
I 19.91/3:3288 (INTERNET) Hydrogeologic framework and geologic structure of the Floridan aquifer system and intermediate confining unit in the Lake Okeechobee system, Florida Reese, Ronald S., cartographer.
I 19.91/3:3285 (INTERNET) Maps showing thermal maturity of Upper Cretaceous marine shales in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming and Montana Finn, Thomas M., cartographer.
I 19.91/3:3278 (INTERNET) Flood inundation maps for an 6.5-mile reach of the Kentucky River at Frankfort, Kentucky Lant, Jeremiah G., cartographer.
I 19.91/3:3274 (INTERNET) Flood-inundation maps for the East Fork, White River near Bedford, Indiana Fowler, Kathleen K., cartographer.
I 19.91/3:3237 (INTERNET) Global geologic map of Ganymede Collins, Geoffrey Clark, author.
I 19.91/3:3219 (INTERNET) Sedimentation survey of Lago Loíza, Puerto Rico, July 2009 Soler-López, Luis R., cartographer.
I 19.91/3:3217 (INTERNET) Sedimentation survey of Lago dos Bocas, Utuado, Puerto Rico, January 2010 Soler-López, Luis R., cartographer.
I 19.91/3:3209 (INTERNET) Geologic map of MTM -15027, -20027, -25027, and -25032 quadrangles, Margaritifer Terra region of Mars Irwin, Rossman P., cartographer.
I 19.76:2012-1002 (INTERNET) High-resolution geophysical data from the inner continental shelf : Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts Ackerman, Seth D., author.
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5106 (INTERNET) Hydraulic and water-quality data collection for the investigation of Great Lakes tributaries for Asian carp spawning and egg-transport suitability Murphy, Elizabeth A., author.
I 19.127:2013-3044 (INTERNET) Development of a geodatabase for springs within and surrounding outcrops of the Trinity Aquifer in northern Bexar County, Texas, 2010-11 Clark, A. K., author.
I 19.127:2013-3024 (INTERNET) A conceptual hydrogeologic model for the hydrogeologic framework, geochemistry, and groundwater-flow system of the Edwards-Trinity and related aquifers in the Pecos County region, Texas Thomas, Jonathan V., author.
I 19.121:774 (INTERNET) National assessment of geologic carbon dioxide storage resources-- data
I 19.121:709-T (INTERNET) Local-area-enhanced, 2.5 meter resolution natural-color and color-infrared satellite-image mosaics of the Herat Mineral District in Afghanistan Davis, Philip A. (Philip Arthur), 1950- cartographer.