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Call Number TitleAuthor
D 5.2:W 19/3/ (INTERNET) Decade of war. Volume I, Enduring lessons from the past decade of operations
D 5.202:IM 7/2 (INTERNET) Imperialism with Chinese characteristics? [electronic resource] : reading and re-reading China's 2006 defense white paper Metcalf, Michael, author.
D 214.2:M 58/2/NO.2 (INTERNET) Al-Qaida, the tribes, and the government : lessons and prospects for Iraq's unstable triangle Cigar, Norman L., author.
D 209.21:C 45 (INTERNET) Final legislative environmental impact statement for the renewal of the Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range land withdrawal
D 201.2:H 78/2 (INTERNET) Pushing the horizon [electronic resource] : seventy-five years of high stakes science and technology at the Naval Research Laboratory Amato, Ivan.
D 114.2:G 28/775-2005 (INTERNET) Commanding generals and chiefs of staff, 1775-2005 : portraits & biographical sketches of the United States Army's senior officer Bell, William Gardner, author.
D 103.2:G 79/6 (INTERNET) The GLMRIS report : Great Lakes and Mississippi River Interbasin Study. United States. Army. Corps of Engineers, issuing body.
D 101.2:B 32/4 (INTERNET) The Battle of the Bulge : battlebook.
D 101.146:T 68/6 (INTERNET) A transatlantic bargain for the 21st century : the United States, Europe, and the transatlantic alliance Hallams, Ellen, author.
D 101.146:SE 2/2010 (INTERNET) The U.S. Army War College guide to national security issues
D 101.146:M 29 (INTERNET) What is next for Mali? : the roots of conflict and challenges to stability Stewart, Dona J., author.
D 101.146:D 83 (INTERNET) The effectiveness of drone strikes in counterinsurgency and counterterrorism campaigns Walsh, James Igoe, author.
D 101.146:AS 4/3 (INTERNET) Central Asia after 2014
D 101.146/3:L 61 (INTERNET) The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Libya : reviewing Operation Unified Protector Gaub, Florence, author.
D 101.133:6292 (INTERNET) Computing Optic Flow with ArduEye vision sensor Schneider, Kathryn, author.
D 1.6/2:W 19/2013 (INTERNET) Emergency war surgery.
D 1.2:SP 7 (INTERNET) Electromagnetic spectrum strategy : a call to action.