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Call Number TitleAuthor
QA11.2 .T44 2013 (INTERNET) Teaching secondary mathematics as if the planet matters [electronic resource]
QA462.2.C65 S727 2013eb (INTERNET) Translating Euclid [electronic resource] : designing a human-centered mathematics Stahl, Gerry.
QC801-809 (INTERNET) Seismic Events in Glaciers [electronic resource] Górski, Marek.
QC903.2.U6 I54 2013 (INTERNET) The West without water [electronic resource] : what past floods, droughts, and other climatic clues tell us about tomorrow Ingram, B. Lynn, 1961-
QD381 .S737 2014eb (INTERNET) Starch polymers [electronic resource] : from genetic engineering to green applications
QE31 .K76 2012eb (INTERNET) Why hell stinks of sulphur [electronic resource] : mythology and geology of the underworld Kroonenberg, Salomon Bernard.
QE5 .S65 2013 (INTERNET) The handbook of geoscience [electronic resource] Spellman, Frank R.
QH31 .G73 2013 (INTERNET) Tracks and shadows [electronic resource] : field biology as art Greene, Harry W., 1945-
QH332 .O45 2013 (INTERNET) Technologies of life and death [electronic resource] : from cloning to capital punishment Oliver, Kelly, 1958-
QH332 .S97 2013 (INTERNET) Synthetic biology and morality [electronic resource] : artificial life and the bounds of nature
QL122 (INTERNET) The Shark That Walks on Land and Other Strange but True Tales of Mysterious Sea Creatures [electronic resource] Bright, Michael Author
QL639.1 .T87 2013 (INTERNET) Spark from the deep [electronic resource] : how shocking experiments with strongly electric fish powered scientific discovery Turkel, William J. (William Joseph), 1967-
QL639.2 .S49 2013 (INTERNET) Sexual plasticity and gametogenesis in fishes [electronic resource]