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KF2042.P45 W65 2007 (INTERNET) The professional photographer's legal handbook [electronic resource] Wolff, Nancy E.
TR581.W45 2006 (INTERNET) Licensing Photography [electronic resource] Weisgrau, Richard Author
GE1-350 (INTERNET) Physiological, Developmental and Behavioral Effects of Marine Pollution [electronic resource] Weis, Judith S.
GT2853.U5 W35 2013 (INTERNET) How America eats [electronic resource] : a social history of U.S. food and culture Wallach, Jennifer Jensen, 1974-
GF1-900 (INTERNET) Understanding Neighbourhood Dynamics [electronic resource] : New Insights for Neighbourhood Effects Research van Ham, Maarten.
HQ1190 .V36 2014eb (INTERNET) Feminist theory, crime, and social justice [electronic resource] Van Gundy, Alana.
BF575.F2 T8 2013 (INTERNET) Landscapes of fear [electronic resource] Tuan, Yi-fu, 1930-
G1-922 (INTERNET) Evolution from the Galapagos [electronic resource] : Two Centuries after Darwin Trueba, Gabriel.
G1000.5.M3A4 (INTERNET) The international atlas of Mars exploration. Volume 1, 1953 to 2003 [electronic resource] : the first five decades Stooke, Philip.
R726 .S54 2014 (INTERNET) Deconstructing dignity [electronic resource] : a critique of the right-to-die debate Shershow, Scott Cutler, 1953-
QA11.2 .R56 2013eb (INTERNET) The math teacher's toolbox [electronic resource] : how to teach math to teenagers and survive Rinaldi, Nicholas J., 1945-
HA19 (INTERNET) Statistics, Public Debate and the State, 1800-1945 [electronic resource]: A Social, Political and Intellectual History of Numbers Přvost, Jean-Guy Author
TR690 .P54 2010 (INTERNET) The photographer's guide to marketing and self-promotion [electronic resource] Piscopo, Maria, 1953-
S622-627 (INTERNET) Soils [electronic resource] : Principles, Properties and Management Osman, Khan Towhid.
ML3798 .N47 2005eb (INTERNET) The study of ethnomusicology [electronic resource] : thirty-one issues and concepts Nettl, Bruno, 1930-
HM741 .M65 2014 (INTERNET) Epinets [electronic resource] : the epistemic structure and dynamics of social networks Moldoveanu, Mihnea C.
S622-627 (INTERNET) Soil Remediation and Rehabilitation [electronic resource] : Treatment of Contaminated and Disturbed Land Meuser, Helmut.
QC175.16.B65 M46 2013eb (INTERNET) Physics of ultra-cold matter [electronic resource] : atomic clouds, Bose Einstein condensates and Rydberg plasmas Mendonça, J. T.
D182 .M35 2013 (INTERNET) Popular Muslim reactions to the Franks in the Levant, 1097-1291 [electronic resource] Mallett, Alexander.
(INTERNET) Mastering the Business of Photography [electronic resource]: What the Pros Do When They're Not Taking Incredible Pictures Luna, Tony Author
PR509.P3 L58 2013 (INTERNET) Transforming work [electronic resource] : early modern pastoral and late medieval poetry Little, Katherine C., 1969-
DS799.849.L78 A3 2014 (INTERNET) My fight for a new Taiwan [electronic resource] : one woman's journey from prison to power Lü, Xiulian.
DS340 .K36 2004eb (INTERNET) The Indian Ocean in world history [electronic resource] Kearney, Milo.
NA2728 .J64 2013eb (INTERNET) CAD fundamentals for architecture [electronic resource] John, Elys.
QB603.A85 I54 2013 (INTERNET) Planetary climates [electronic resource] Ingersoll, Andrew P.
TR154 (INTERNET) Pricing Photography [electronic resource]: The Complete Guide to Assignment and Stock Prices Heron, Michal Author
HM636 .H37 2014 (INTERNET) Media and the rhetoric of body perfection [electronic resource] : cosmetic surgery, weight loss and beauty in popular culture Harris-Moore, Deborah.
TP248.65.F66 (INTERNET) Ice Cream [electronic resource] Goff, H. Douglas.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Notes from the Internet Apocalypse Gladstone, Wayne, author
GB451.2 .G555 2012 (INTERNET) The human shore [electronic resource] : seacoasts in history Gillis, John R.
TK7876-7876.42 (INTERNET) Geolocation Techniques [electronic resource] : Principles and Applications Gentile, Camillo.
RC681-688.2 (INTERNET) The Heart and Circulation [electronic resource] : An Integrative Model Furst, Branko.
DT29 .C59 2014 (INTERNET) Africa in the world [electronic resource] : capitalism, empire, nation-state Cooper, Frederick, 1947-
QB4 (INTERNET) The Hatfield Lunar Atlas [electronic resource] : Digitally Re-Mastered Edition Cook, Anthony.
PS3515.E288 Z57 2014 (INTERNET) The Heritage of Heinlein [electronic resource] : a Critical Reading of the Fiction Clareson, Thomas D.
HG6024.A3 (INTERNET) An Introduction to Credit Derivatives [electronic resource] Choudhry, Moorad Author
PS3501.N4 Z549 2014 (INTERNET) Sacred land [electronic resource] : Sherwood Anderson, Midwestern modernism, and the sacramental vision of nature Buechsel, Mark, 1976-
SF765 .B83 2012eb (INTERNET) Anatomy of the horse [electronic resource] Budras, Klaus-Dieter.
NA2542.3 .B76 2013 (INTERNET) Sun, wind, and light: architectural design strategies [electronic resource] Brown, G. Z.
(INTERNET) Physics of the Upper Polar Atmosphere [electronic resource] Brekke, Asgeir.
GE1-350 (INTERNET) Urbanization and Sustainability [electronic resource] : Linking Urban Ecology, Environmental Justice and Global Environmental Change Boone, Christopher G.
QD450-801 (INTERNET) The Chemistry of Matter Waves [electronic resource] Boeyens, Jan C.A.
QB462.7 .B35 2013 (INTERNET) Physics of collisionless shocks [electronic resource] : space plasma shock waves Balogh, André, 1940-
GA1-1776 (INTERNET) Paradigms in Cartography [electronic resource] : An Epistemological Review of the 20th and 21st Centuries Azócar Fernández, Pablo Iván.
QK725 .P63 2013 (INTERNET) Polyploid and hybrid genomics [electronic resource]
QP106.6 .A54 2013eb (INTERNET) Angiogenesis in adipose tissue [electronic resource]
QP321 .B316 2013 (INTERNET) Basic biology and current understanding of skeletal muscle [electronic resource]
QP702.L3 L33 2013 (INTERNET) Lactose [electronic resource] : structure, food industry applications and role in disorders
RJ399.C6 A38 2013 (INTERNET) Advances in communication research to reduce childhood obesity [electronic resource]
TK3105 .M53 2013 (INTERNET) Microgrid [electronic resource] : architectures and control
TP548.5.T68 W55 2013 (INTERNET) Wine and identity [electronic resource] : branding, heritage, terroir
TR581 .A86 2008 (INTERNET) ASMP professional business practices in photography [electronic resource]
DF122 .A87 2009 (INTERNET) Aspects of ancient Greek cult [electronic resource] : context, ritual and iconography
DK40 .R87 2013eb (INTERNET) The Russian cinema reader. Volume two, The thaw to the present [electronic resource]
DK266 .R87 2013eb (INTERNET) The Russian cinema reader. Volume one, 1908 to the Stalin era [electronic resource]
DT154.A4 A449 2009 (INTERNET) Alexandria [electronic resource] : a cultural and religious melting pot
(INTERNET) Multiscale analysis and nonlinear dynamics [electronic resource] : from genes to the brain
(INTERNET) 2014 Photographer's Market [electronic resource]
ML348 .A73 2013 (INTERNET) The Arab avant-garde [electronic resource] : music, politics, modernity