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HM626 .S55 2014 (INTERNET) Memes in digital culture [electronic resource] Shifman, Limor, 1974-
QE719.8 .P76 2013 (INTERNET) Bringing fossils to life [electronic resource] : an introduction to paleobiology Prothero, Donald R.
HM741 .M65 2014 (INTERNET) Epinets [electronic resource] : the epistemic structure and dynamics of social networks Moldoveanu, Mihnea C.
DS799.849.L78 A3 2014 (INTERNET) My fight for a new Taiwan [electronic resource] : one woman's journey from prison to power Lü, Xiulian.
DT29 .C59 2014 (INTERNET) Africa in the world [electronic resource] : capitalism, empire, nation-state Cooper, Frederick, 1947-
PS3515.E288 Z57 2014 (INTERNET) The heritage of Heinlein [electronic resource] : a critical reading of the fiction Clareson, Thomas D.
BL216 .C66 2013 (INTERNET) The Blackwell companion to the problem of evil [electronic resource]
G70.4 .R45 2012 (INTERNET) Remote sensing [electronic resource]
HG4028.V3 R48 2013 (INTERNET) Rethinking valuation and pricing models [electronic resource] : lessons learned from the crisis and future challenges
ML348 .A73 2013 (INTERNET) The Arab avant-garde [electronic resource] : music, politics, modernity
PC4021 .H36 2014 (INTERNET) The handbook of Spanish second language acquisition [electronic resource]
QA278.2 .O36 2000eb (INTERNET) Spatial tessellations [electronic resource] : concepts and applications of Voronoi diagrams
QD75.4.C45 C485 2013 (INTERNET) Chemometrics in food chemistry [electronic resource]
QK981.4 .F76 2013eb (INTERNET) From plant genomics to plant biotechnology [electronic resource]
RA440 .H44 2013 (INTERNET) Health literacy [electronic resource] : developments, issues and outcomes
TP548.5.T68 W55 2014 (INTERNET) Wine and identity [electronic resource] : branding, heritage, terroir