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PREX 1.2:W 84/6 (INTERNET) Rape and sexual assault : a renewed call to action White House Council on Women and Girls (U.S.), issuing body.
PREX 29.2:T 23 (INTERNET) Report on the telephone records program conducted under Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act and on the operations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. United States. Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, author.
PREX 1.2:C 68/2 (INTERNET) Increasing college opportunity for low-income students : promising models and a call to action United States. Executive Office of the President, issuing body.
PREX 1.2:C 68/3 (INTERNET) Commitments to action on college opportunity United States. Executive Office of the President, issuing body.
PM 1.2:INTERNET (INTERNET) Federal Executive Boards : a national network.
PREX 9.16:AC 8/3 (INTERNET) ACTA fact sheet and guide to public draft text.
PREX 9.16:AI 7 (INTERNET) Fighting unfair trade practices, winning at the WTO : key findings against European subsidies to airbus.
PREX 9.16:C 44/4 (INTERNET) WTO case challenging China's export restraints on raw material inputs.
PREX 9.16:C 44/5 (INTERNET) U.S.-China joint commission on commerce and trade.
PREX 9.16:C 44/6 (INTERNET) U.S.-China joint commission on commerce and trade : 21st U.S.-China joint commission on commerce and trade.
PREX 9.16:G 28/2 (INTERNET) GSP : critical to the United States and developing countries.
PREX 9.16:IN 2 (INTERNET) U.S.-India trade policy forum facts.
PREX 9.16:J 27 (INTERNET) Reform agenda with Japan yields results.
PREX 9.16:J 57 (INTERNET) Utilizing trade policy to help small businesses export and create jobs : key findings from the USITC reports on SMEs.
PREX 9.16:K 84/3 (INTERNET) Summary of the U.S.-Korea FTA.
PREX 9.16:P 75 (INTERNET) Trade policy : breaking down barriers to trade.
PREX 9.16:P 75/2 (INTERNET) Trade policy : a level of playing field for American workers.
PREX 9.16:P 75/3 (INTERNET) Trade policy : a foundation for success.
PREX 9.16:T 51 (INTERNET) Information regarding application of transitional product specific safeguard measure to Chinese tires.
PREX 9.16:T 66 (INTERNET) Economic opportunities and the TPP.
PREX 9.16:T 66/2 (INTERNET) TPP statements and actions to date : U.S. engagement with the Trans-Pacific Partnership: action to date.
PREX 9.16:T 67/16 (INTERNET) The 2010 national trade estimate report : key elements.