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J 28.24:SE 5/2/NO.1 (INTERNET) The fragmentation of sentencing and corrections in America [electronic resource] Tonry, Michael H.
J 28.24:SE 5/2/No.2 (INTERNET) Reconsidering indeterminate and structured sentencing [electronic resource] Tonry, Michael H.
J 28.15/2:603-00 (INTERNET) Development of NIST standard bullets and casings [electronic resource] : status report Song, J.
J 28.24:SE 5/2/NO.4 (INTERNET) Reforming sentencing and corrections for just punishment and public safety [electronic resource] Smith, Michael E., 1942-
J 28.15/2:604-00 (INTERNET) Flammable and combustible liquid spill/burn patterns [electronic resource] Putorti, Anthony D.
J 28.15:0601.01 (INTERNET) Walk-through metal detectors for use in concealed weapon and contraband detection [electronic resource] Paulter, Nicholas G.
J 28.15/2:602-00 (INTERNET) Trace detection of narcotics using a preconcentrator/ion mobility spectrometer system [electronic resource] Parmeter, John E.
J 28.24:SE 5/2/NO.3 (INTERNET) Incorporating restorative and community justice into American sentencing and corrections [electronic resource] Kurki, Leena.
J 28.15/2:100-99 (INTERNET) Evaluation of a test protocol for explosives trace detectors using a representative commercial analyzer [electronic resource] Eiceman, Gary Alan.
J 28.15:0101.04 (INTERNET) Ballistic resistance of personal body armor [electronic resource]
J 28.15:0115.00 (INTERNET) Stab resistance of personal body armor [electronic resource]
J 28.15:0604.01 (INTERNET) Color test reagents/kits for preliminary identification of drugs of abuse [electronic resource]
J 28.15/2:601-00 (INTERNET) NIST random profile roughness specimens and standard bullets [electronic resource]