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I 19.91/3:3273 (INTERNET) Characterization of hydrodynamic and sediment conditions in the lower Yampa River at Deerlodge Park, east entrance to Dinosaur National Monument, northwest Colorado, 2011 Williams, Cory A., cartographer.
I 19.127:2013-3027 (INTERNET) Wildlife disease and environmental health in Alaska Van Hemert, Caroline, author.
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5114 (INTERNET) A model for evaluating effects of climate, water availability, and water management on wetland impoundments-A case study on Bowdoin, Long Lake, and Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuges Tangen, Brian A., author.
I 19.91/3:3277 (INTERNET) Lidar-revised geologic map of the Olalla 7.5ʹ quadrangle, King, KItsap, and Pierce Counties, Washington Tabor, R. W. (Rowland W.), cartographer.
I 29.84/4:45 (INTERNET) Maintaining the exteriors of small and medium size historic buildings Sullivan, Aleca, author.
I 29.84/4:45 (INTERNET) Preserving historic wood porches Sullivan, Aleca, author.
I 19.121:746 (INTERNET) Historical rock falls in Yosemite National Park, California (1857-2011) Stock, Greg M., author.
I 19.91/3:3259 (INTERNET) Base of the upper layer of the phase-three Elkhorn-Loup groundwater-flow model, north-central Nebraska Stanton, Jennifer S., cartographer.
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5011 (INTERNET) Estimation of volume and mass and of changes in volume and mass of selected chat piles in the Picher mining district, Ottawa County, Oklahoma, 2005-10 Smith, S. Jerrod (Stephen Jerrod), 1977-, author.
I 19.91/3:3282 (INTERNET) Bathymetric map, area/capacity table, and sediment volume estimate for Millwood Lake, near Ashburn, Arkansas, 2013 Richards, Joseph M., cartographer.
I 19.127:2013-3030 (INTERNET) Water resources of St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana Prakken, Lawrence B., author.
I 19.127:2013-3031 (INTERNET) Water resources of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana Prakken, Lawrence B., author.
I 29.84/4:47 (INTERNET) Maintaining the exteriors of small and medium size historic buildings Park, Sharon C., author.
I 19.16:1797-E (INTERNET) Documenting the stages and streamflows associated with the 2011 activation of the New Madrid Floodway, Missouri Koenig, Todd A., author.
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5110 (INTERNET) Methods and results of peak-flow frequency analyses for streamgages in and bordering Minnesota, through water year 2011 Kessler, Erich W., author.
I 19.91/3:3267 (INTERNET) Geologic map of the Harvard Lakes 7.5ʹ quadrangle, Park, and Chaffee Counties, Colorado Kellogg, Karl S., cartographer.
I 19.127:2013-3022 (INTERNET) UNLV's environmentally friendly Science and Engineering Building is monitored for earthquake shaking Kalkan, Erol, author.
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5124 (INTERNET) Hydrogeology of the Little Spokane River Basin, Spokane, Stevens, and Pend Oreille Counties, Washington Kahle, S. C. (Sue C.), author.
I 19.127:2013-3018 (INTERNET) Integrated synoptic surveys using an autonomous underwater vehicle and manned boats Jackson, P. Ryan (Patrick Ryan), author.
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5115 (INTERNET) Recharge sources and residence times of groundwater as determined by geochemical tracers in the Mayfield Area, southwestern Idaho, 2011-12 Hopkins, Candice B., author.
I 29.84/4:3/2011 (INTERNET) Improving energy efficiency in historic buildings Hensley, Jo Ellen, author.
I 29.84/4:6 (INTERNET) Dangers of abrasive cleaning to historic buildings Grimmer, Anne E., author.
I 29.84/4:15 (INTERNET) Preservation of historic concrete Gaudette, Paul, author.
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5092 (INTERNET) Analysis of 1997-2008 Groundwater Level Changes in the Upper Deschutes Basin, Central Oregon Gannett, Marshall W., author.
I 19.127:2013-3012 (INTERNET) Water resources of Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana Fendick, Robert B., author.
INTERNET Conservation and culture [electronic resource] : the Soil Conservation Service, social service and conservation on tribal lands in the Southwest, 1934-1994 Davis, Rebekah C. Beatty.
I 19.127:2013-3032 (INTERNET) The 3D Elevation Program-summary for Wisconsin Carswell, William J., author.
I 19.91/3:3224 (INTERNET) Surficlal geologic map of Mesa Verde National Park, Montezuma County, Colorado [electronic resource] Carrara, Paul E.
I 19.76:2004-1211/2013 (INTERNET) Baseline and historic depositional rates and lead concentrations, floodplain sediments, lower Coeur d'Alene River, Idaho Bookstrom, Arthur A., author.
I 19.127:2013-3019 (INTERNET) The U.S. Geological survey climate geo data portal : an integrated broker for climate and geospatial data Blodgett, David L., author.
I 19.42/4-4:2013-5076 (INTERNET) A one-dimensional diffusion analogy model for estimation of tide heights in selected tidal marshes in Connecticut Bjerklie, David M., author.
I 19.76:2013-1102 (INTERNET) ARRA-funded VS30 measurements using multi-technique approach at strong-motion stations in California and central-eastern United States
I 19.76:2013-1113 (INTERNET) Methods and spatial extent of geophysical investigations, Mono Lake, California, 2009 to 2011
I 19.76:2013-1116 (INTERNET) Behavior and movement of adult summer steelhead following collection and release, lower Cowlitz River, Washington, 2012-2013
I 19.127:2013-3020 (INTERNET) National assessment of geologic carbon dioxide storage resources-Summary
INTERNET History of the provisions of the old-age, survivors, disability, and health insurance, 1935-1996 [electronic resource].
INTERNET Performing arts [electronic resource] : motion pictures