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NAS 1.15:2013-217720 (INTERNET) Solar simulation for the CREST preflight thermal-vacuum test at B-2 Ziemke, Robert A., author.
NAS 1.15:2013-217848 (INTERNET) Overview of the MISSE 7 polymers and zenith polymers experiments after 1.5 years of space exposure Yi, Grace T., author.
NAS 1.15:2013-217866 (INTERNET) Characterizing the in-phase reflection bandwidth theoretical limit of artificial magnetic conductors with a transmission line model Xie, Yunsong, author.
NAS 1.15:2013-217852 (INTERNET) Evaluation of data-logging transducer to passively collect pressure vessel p/T history Wnuk, Stephen P., author.
NAS 1.60:2013-216480 (INTERNET) Simulating global AeroMACS airport ground station antenna power transmission limits to avoid interference with mobile satellite service feeder uplinks Wilson, Jeffrey D., author.
NAS 1.15:2013-217512 (INTERNET) The Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite (ICESat) : summary mission timeline and performance relative to pre-launch mission success criteria Webb, Charles E., author.
NAS 1.2:SE 6 (INTERNET) Review of NASA's Agency Consolidated End-User Services Contract (IG-14-013). United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Office of Inspector General, author.
NAS 1.60:2013-217803 (INTERNET) Faster heavy ion transport for HZETRN Slaba, Tony C., author.
NAS 1.60:2013-217983 (INTERNET) Radiation shielding optimization on Mars Slaba, Tony C., author.
NAS 1.15:2013-217856 (INTERNET) High efficiency traveling-wave tube power amplifier for ka-band software defined radio on International Space Station : a platform for communications technology development Simons, Rainee N., author.
NAS 1.26:2006-214205 (INTERNET) RSA/Legacy wind sensor comparison Short, David A., author.
NAS 1.15:2010-216809/REV 1 (INTERNET) Space Telecommunications Radio System (STRS) architecture standard Reinhart, Richard C., author.
NAS 1.26:2013-216500 (INTERNET) Microbiological validation of the IVGEN system Porter, David A., author.
NAS 1.15:2013-217999 (INTERNET) An Approximate solution and master curves for buckling of symmetrically laminated composite cylinders Nemeth, Michael P., author.
NAS 1.26:2013-217820 (INTERNET) Advanced concept studies for supersonic commercial transports entering service in the 2018 to 2020 period : phase I final report Morgenstern, John, author.
NAS 1.15:2013-217996 (INTERNET) Structural analysis peer review for the static display of the orbiter Atlantis at the Kennedy Space Center visitors center Minute, Stephen J., author.
NAS 1.60:2013-217477 (INTERNET) Closeout report for the refractory metal accelerated heat pipe life test activity Martin, J., author.
NAS 1.15:2013-217447 (INTERNET) Development of hyperspectral remote sensing capability for the early detection and monitoring of harmful algal blooms (HABs) in the Great Lakes Lekki, John D., author.
NAS 1.15:2013-216528 (INTERNET) An indirect system identification technique for stable estimation of continuous-time parameters of the vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) Kukreja, Sunil L. , author.
NAS 1.15:2012-217226 (INTERNET) Acoustic investigation of jet mixing noise in dual stream nozzles Khavaran, Abbas, 1953- author.
NAS 1.15:2013-218000 (INTERNET) Identification of crew-systems interactions and decision related trends Jones, Sharon Monica, author.
NAS 1.60:2013-217994 (INTERNET) Simplified aircraft-based paired approach : concept definition and initial analysis Johnson, Sally C., author.
NAS 1.26:185833 (INTERNET) Statistical study of the correlation of hard x-ray and type III radio bursts in solar flares Hamilton, Russell J., author.
NF 2.21:33 (INTERNET) Turning on and turning in : public participation in the arts via media in the United States Gray, Charles M., author.
NAS 1.15:2013-217997 (INTERNET) Guidelines of the design of electropyrotechnic firing circuit for unmanned flight and ground test projects Gonzalez, Guillermo A., author.
NAS 1.15:210669/REV.1 (INTERNET) Ion and electron transport in an NSTAR-derivative ion thruster Foster, John E., author.
NAS 1.15:2013-218004 (INTERNET) Acoustic performance of a real-time three-dimensional sound-reproduction system Faller, Kenneth J., author.
NAS 1.15:2010-216789/REV 1 (INTERNET) Heat entrapment effects within liquid acquisition devices Duval, Walter M. B., author.
NAS 1.15:2013-217872 (INTERNET) Validation of helicopter gear condition indicators using seeded fault tests Dempsey, Paula, author.
NAS 1.15:2013-217824 (INTERNET) Shock position control for mode transition in a turbine based combined cycle engine inlet model Csank, Jeffrey T., author.
NAS 1.60:1208 (INTERNET) Inverse boundary-layer theory and comparison with experiment Carter, James E. (James Edward), 1944- author.
NAS 1.15:2001-210695/REV 1 (INTERNET) Microstructure and tensile properties of BN/SiC coated Hi-Nicalon, and Sylramic SiC fiber preforms Bhatt, Ramakrishna T., author.
NAS 1.15:2011-217006/REV.1 (INTERNET) DBD plasma actuators for flow control in air vehicles and jet engines (Revised July 2011);DBD plasma actuators for flow control in air vehicles and jet engines : simulation of flight conditions in test chambers by density matching Ashpis, D. E. (David E.), author.
NF 2.21:35 (INTERNET) American participation in theater AMS Planning & Research Corp. author.
NAS 1.15:2013-217860 (INTERNET) Validation of a CFD methodology for variable speed power turbine relevant conditions Ameri, Ali A., author.
NAS 1.60:2013-217480 (INTERNET) Elastic-plastic J-integral solutions for surface cracks in tension using an interpolation methodology Allen, P. A., author.