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Call Number TitleAuthor
Z250.25 .G73 2014 Graphic digits : new typographic approach to numerals.
Z246 .T959 2014 Type spaces : typography in a three-dimensional space.
U102 .C6623 1997 War, politics, and power : selections from On war, and I believe and profess Clausewitz, Carl von, 1780-1831.
TR659 .D853 2014 (Oversize) Filip Dujardin : fictions Dujardin, Filip, 1971-
TR652 .C69 2003 (Oversize) Julia Margaret Cameron : the complete photographs Cox, Julian.
TR250 .B22 2005 The invented camera : low tech photography & sculpture Babcock, Jo, 1954-
TP372.6 .G68 2001eb (INTERNET) Total quality assurance for the food industries [electronic resource] Gould, Wilbur A., 1920-2005.
TN260 .V28 2015 Thanatia : the destiny of the Earth's mineral resources : a cradle-to-cradle thermodynamic assessment Valero Capilla, Antonio, author.
TK7876-7876.42 (INTERNET) Geolocation Techniques [electronic resource] : Principles and Applications Gentile, Camillo.
TK5105.888 .N489 2012 Learning web design : a beginner's guide to HTML, CSS, Javascript, and web graphics Niederst Robbins, Jennifer.
TK4198 .C6613 2014 The complete designers' lights II : 35 years of collecting
TD794.5 .M39524 2013 The upcycle : beyond sustainability - designing for abundance McDonough, William.
TA418.45 .C667 2014eb (INTERNET) Comprehensive hard materials. Volume 1, Hardmetals [electronic resource]
SF951 (INTERNET) Equine emergency and critical care medicine [electronic resource]
SF761 .V48 2014 Veterinary anatomy of domestic mammals : textbook and colour atlas
SF433 .H43 2014 Practical canine behaviour : for veterinary nurses and technicians Hedges, Stephanie, author.
SF287 .D46 2014 (INTERNET) Biomechanics and physical training of the horse [electronic resource] Denoix, Jean-Marie.
RC489.G4 W44 2015 Gestalt therapy Wheeler, Gordon, 1949-
RC451.4.A5 L38 2014 (INTERNET) Resilience and aging [electronic resource] : research and practice Lavretsky, Helen.
RA601 .E53 2014 (INTERNET) Encyclopedia of food safety [electronic resource]
RA409 .D43 2014 Starting out in statistics : an introduction for students of human health, disease and psychology De Winter, Patricia, 1968- author.
R857.T55 .S334 2014eb (INTERNET) Scaffolds for tissue engineering [electronic resource] : biological design, materials, and fabrication
R857.M3 B5696 2008 (INTERNET) Biomaterials fabrication and processing handbook [electronic resource]
QR171.G29 D54 2015 (INTERNET) Diet-microbe interactions in the gut [electronic resource] : effects on human health and disease
QR115 .M4563 2015 Microbial food safety and preservation techniques
QP301 .O715 2013 (INTERNET) Orthopaedic biomechanics [electronic resource]
QK475 .H174 2005 The meaning of trees : botany, history, healing, lore Hageneder, Fred.
QH541.15.R45 F73 2012 (INTERNET) Environmental restoration and design for recreation and ecotourism [electronic resource] France, R. L. (Robert Lawrence)
QC903 .L377 2011 (INTERNET) Climate change policy failures [electronic resource] : why conventional mitigation approaches cannot succeed Latin, Howard A.
QC175.16.C6QC277.9- (INTERNET) Physics of Ultra-Cold Matter [electronic resource]: Atomic Clouds, Bose-Einstein Condensates and Rydberg Plasmas
QA76.167 .D66 2014 Context-free languages and primitive words Dömösi, Pál, author.
QA188 .P43 2014 (INTERNET) Matrix spaces and Schur multipliers [electronic resource] : matriceal harmonic analysis Persson, Lars-Erik, 1944-
PS508.W7 W595 2014 Women of war : selected memoirs, poems, and fiction by Virginia women who lived through the Civil War
PS374.P633 B86 2014 The midwestern novel : literary populism from Huckleberry Finn to the present Bunge, Nancy L.
PS3563.E75 N49 2014 (Spec Coll) The new song Merwin, W. S. (William Stanley), 1927- author.
PS3562.O67 R47 2004 Resistance Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945-
PS3552.A45 Z46 2014 James Baldwin : the last interview and other conversations Baldwin, James, 1924-1987, interviewee.
PS3547.O4745 Z75 2014 Ella Young and her world : Celtic mythology, the Irish revival and the Californian avant-garde McDowell, Dorothea.
PS3539.R928 Z615 2015 Dalton Trumbo : blacklisted Hollywood radical Ceplair, Larry, author.
PS3537.T323 Z7163 2014 Gertrude Stein and the reinvention of rhetoric Kirsch, Sharon, 1966- author.
PS3519.A392 H27 2013 Hangsaman Jackson, Shirley, 1916-1965.
PS3515.U274 Z6844 2015 Origins of the dream : Hughes's poetry and King's rhetoric Miller, W. Jason, author.
PS3503.R167 Z46 2014 Ray Bradbury : the last interview and other conversations Bradbury, Ray, 1920-2012.
PS261 .D83 1993 (INTERNET) The politics of rhetoric [electronic resource] : Richard M. Weaver and the conservative tradition Duffy, Bernard K.
PS217.T67 L46 2014 Boxcar politics : the hobo in U.S. culture and literature, 1869-1956 Lennon, John., 1975- author.
PS217.S55 A45 2014 American slavery : a historical exploration of literature
PS153.N5 B669 2012 The Black female body in American literature and art : performing identity Brown, Caroline A., 1967-
PS1017.L53 C57 2014 The afterlife of Little Women Clark, Beverly Lyon, author.
PR858.W6 S77 2014 Sentimental memorials : women and the novel in literary history Sodeman, Melissa, 1978- author.
PR6056.O85 Z474 2010 The tree Fowles, John, 1926-2005.
PQ1871 .P74 2014 Controversy in French drama : Molière's Tartuffe and the struggle for influence Prest, Julia, author.
PN6727.P44 A74 2003 American splendor : the life and times of Harvey Pekar : stories / by Harvey Pekar introduction by R. Crumb art by Kevin Brown ... [et al.]. More American splendor : the life and times of Harvey Pekar : stories Pekar, Harvey.
PN6071.E8 N62 2014 No man's land : fiction from a world at war: 1914-1918
PN56.3.A45 P37 2014 The Pan American imagination : contested visions of the hemisphere in twentieth-century literature Park, Stephen M., 1979- author.
PN3433.6 .T45 2014 Relativism, alternate history, and the forgetful reader : reading science fiction and historiography Thiess, Derek, 1981- author.
PN2053 .J66 2014 A practical guide to greener theatre : introduce sustainability into your productions Jones, Ellen E., 1959- author.
PN2051 .M365 2013 Theatre of the real Martin, Carol, 1952-
PN2039 .T66 2013 Acts and apparitions : discourses on the real in performance practice and theory, 1990-2010 Tomlin, Liz.
PN1995.9.H5 B74 2014 Bringing history to life through film : the art of cinematic storytelling
PN1992.77.F765 M85 2014 (INTERNET) The multiple worlds of Fringe [electronic resource] : essays on the J.J. Abrams science fiction series
PN1861 .E8 2004 The theatre of the absurd Esslin, Martin, 1918-2002.
PN1590.W64 F37 2004 Women, modernism, and performance Farfan, Penny.
PN1584 .S33 2014 Performed imaginaries Schechner, Richard, 1934-
PL856.U673 F8813 2014 Fushigi na toshokan. English;The strange library Murakami, Haruki, 1949- author.
PL3508.5 .T76 2014 Troubling borders : an anthology of art and literature by Southeast Asian women in the diaspora
PL3164.5.E5 I85 2014 Island : poetry and history of Chinese immigrants on Angel Island, 1910-1940
PL2882.I28 J5513 2014 Jie mi. English;Decoded Mai, Jia, 1964- author.
PG3326 .Z3 2008 Zapiski iz mertvogo doma. English;Memoirs from the house of the dead Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881.
PE1128.A2 S53 2003 Using authentic video in the language classroom Sherman, Jane, 1942-
PA47 .R4 2013 Scribes and scholars : a guide to the transmission of Greek and Latin literature Reynolds, L. D. (Leighton Durham), author.
PA4414.P5 D64 2014 Philoctetes. English;Philoctetes : a new translation Sophocles, author.
PA4279 .R7 S38 2014 Plato's wayward path : literary form and the republic Schur, David.
PA3133 .C75 2014 Rhetoric and Power : the drama of classical Greece Crick, Nathan, author.
NX454.5.R6 G39 2015 Why the romantics matter Gay, Peter, 1923- author.
ND553.D357 H84 2014 Resisting abstraction : Robert Delaunay and vision in the face of modernism Hughes, Gordon, 1965- author.
ND2646.P84 M67 2014 The Casa del Deán : new world imagery in a sixteenth-century Mexican mural cycle Morrill, Penny C., author.
ND1432.I8 N38 2011 Devotion by design : Italian altarpieces before 1500 National Gallery (Great Britain)
NC998.5.C2 E27 2014 Earthquakes, mudslides, fires & riots : California & graphic design, 1936-1986 Sandhaus, Louise, 1955- author.
NB497.G64 A4 2004 Hand to earth : Andy Goldsworthy sculpture, 1976-1990 Goldsworthy, Andy, 1956-
NA8460 .M335 2009 Coral Castle : the mystery of Ed Leedskalnin and his American Stonehenge McClure, Rusty, 1950-
NA6600 (INTERNET) Building type basics for college and university facilities [electronic resource] Neuman, David J.
NA590 .T33 2013 Transformations : Baroque and Rococo in the age of Absolutism and the Church Triumphant Tadgell, Christopher, 1939-
NA2545.P5 (INTERNET) Applying the ADA [electronic resource] : Designing for The Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design in Multiple Building Types Rhoads, Marcela Abadi.
NA2542.36 .T333 2013 (INTERNET) The greening of architecture [electronic resource] : a critical history and survey of contemporary sustainable architecture and urban design Tabb, Phillip.
NA1565 .C467 2013 (INTERNET) Architecture and urbanism in modern Korea [electronic resource] Chŏng, In-ha, 1964-
N8224.M46 B37 2014 Ovid and the metamorphoses of modern art from Botticelli to Picasso Barolsky, Paul, 1941-
N7433.4.T563 A63 2014 (Spec Coll) American manifesto Thyberg, Todd M.
N7433.4.S67 H66 2013 (Spec Coll) Honey B hive Spring, Jessica.
N7433.4.N67 B35 2014 (Spec Coll) Ballot BOX Norman, Bonnie Thompson, artist.
N7433.4.H627 O33 2012 (Spec Coll) Occupied by colour : putting the palette to work Hodgson, Barbara, 1955-
N7433.4.H47 A72 2014 (Spec Coll) 4 3 2 CRY : Fracking in northern Colorado Hettinga, Kathy T. (Kathy Tolsma)
N7433.4.H35 T38 2013 (Spec Coll) Tausend und eine Aufgabe : 28 Jahre Ingenieurbüro für Gebäudetechnik Haldemann, Willi, author, book designer, printer, binder.
N7433.4.B676 L3 2012 (Spec Coll)(Oversize) Labor/movement : (seven workers) Borezo, Amy.
N7433.4.A85 D4 2014 (Spec Coll)(Oversize) Deconstructing Elsie Atlas, Nava, book artist.
N7433.35.U6 .R38 2013 (Spec Coll) Reliquiae.
N7301 .D53 2013 Yoga : the art of transformation Diamond, Debra.
N7193.C5 A779 1998 Christo and Jeanne-Claude : Wrapped trees : Fondation Beyeler and Berower Park, Riehen, Basel, Switzerland, 1997-98 Christo, 1935-
N7193.C5 A4 2005 (Oversize) Christo and Jeanne-Claude.
N6537.L655 A72 2011 Our lady of controversy : Alma Lopez's irreverent apparition
N5350 .R54 2014 Ancient Egyptian art and architecture : a very short introduction Riggs, Christina.
MT64.M65 M6713 2013 Comporre per il cinema. English;Composing for the cinema : the theory and praxis of music in film Morricone, Ennio.
ML48 .A44 2014 American musicals : the complete books and lyrics of eight broadway classics, 1950-1969 Maslon, Laurence.
ML410.S3 J65 2014 Franz Schubert : the complete songs Johnson, Graham, 1950- author.
ML3830 .M963 2011 Music and consciousness : philosophical, psychological, and cultural perspectives
ML348 .U75 2015 Music and traditions of the Arabian Peninsula : Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar Urkevich, Lisa, author.
ML348 .A73 2013 (INTERNET) The Arab avant-garde [electronic resource] : music, politics, modernity
ML3470 .M53 2006 Voicing the popular : on the subjects of popular music Middleton, Richard.
LB2345 .N53 2010 Violence goes to college : the authoritative guide to prevention and intervention Nicoletti, John.
KZ1242 .F58 2014 Sovereignty, property and empire, 1500-2000 Fitzmaurice, Andrew, author.
KU354 .W38 2015 Aboriginal peoples, colonialism and international law : raw law Watson, Irene (Irene Margaret), author.
KNQ43 .K87 2015 Men to devils, devils to men : Japanese war crimes and Chinese justice Kushner, Barak, 1968- author.
KK7962 .C75 2014 Crime and criminal justice in modern Germany
KF8775 .K43 2014 Judicial politics in polarized times Keck, Thomas Moylan, author.
KF5605 .T36 2014 Law, culture, & environment Tatum, Melissa L.
KF4987.A67 H36 2014 Too weak to govern : majority party power and appropriations in the U.S. Senate Hanson, Peter, 1973- author.
KF2994 .S63 2014 Owning and using scholarship : an IP handbook for teachers and researchers Smith, Kevin L. (Kevin Lindsay), 1959- author.
K3238.31948 .R63 2015 The contentious history of the International Bill of Human Rights Roberts, Christopher N. J., 1975- author.
JZ5538 .R534 2014 Peace : a very short introduction Richmond, Oliver P.
JL960 .H45 2014 Comparative politics of Latin America : democracy at last? Hellinger, Daniel.
JK468.I6 W44 2007 Legacy of ashes : the history of the CIA Weiner, Tim.
JC75.D36 A76 2015 (INTERNET) Athenian democracy [electronic resource] : a sourcebook Asmonti, Luca.
JA71 .R23 2014 (INTERNET) Time, memory, and the politics of contingency [electronic resource] Rahman, Smita A.
HX39.5 .H634713 2013 Geister, die er rief. English;Karl Marx : an intellectual biography Hosfeld, Rolf.
HV7936.C83 R39 2014 Rethinking community policing Ray, John M., 1963-
HV6430.B55 S77 2014 Killing Bin Laden : a moral analysis Strawser, Bradley Jay, author.
HT166 .C668 2014 Community action and planning : contexts, drivers and outcomes
HQ1421 .C52 1997 Chicana feminist thought : the basic historical writings
HQ1190 .T85 2015 Generational feminism : new materialist introduction to a generative approach Tuin, Iris van der, author.
HM623 .T335 2015 Interrogating popular culture : key questions Takacs, Stacy, author.
HM1151 .F84 2015 The social psychology of attraction and romantic relationships Fugère, Madeleine A., author.
HM1131 .J3413 2014 Entfremdung. English;Alienation Jaeggi, Rahel.
HD9410.5 .E539 2014eb (INTERNET) Encyclopedia of meat sciences [electronic resource]
HD926.5 (INTERNET) Property Rights, Land Values and Urban Development [electronic resource]: Betterment and Compensation in China
HD58.8 .C3697 2012 Cases and exercises in organization development & change
HD58.8 .A68144 2015 Organization development : the process of leading organizational change Anderson, Donald L., 1971-
HD1433 (INTERNET) OECD-FAO agricultural outlook 2013-2022 [electronic resource].
HB615 .W447 2014 Creative cross-disciplinary entrepreneurship : a practical guide for a campus-wide program Welsh, Dianne H. B.
HB615 .C6353 2015 Global entrepreneurship Carraher, Shawn.
HB501 R624 2014 Global capitalism and the crisis of humanity Robinson, William I.
GT605 .E35 2015 Ethnic dress in the United States : a cultural encyclopedia
GT596 .S4413 2014 Mode. English;Fashion : 150 years : couturiers, designers, labels Seeling, Charlotte, 1941- author.
GT2370 .G55 2015 Cool shades : the history and meaning of sunglasses Gill-Brown, Vanessa, 1970- author.
GT2340 .W354 2014 The finishing touch : cosmetics through the ages Walker, Julian, 1954-
GR550 .W39 2014 Once upon a time : a short history of fairy tale Warner, Marina, 1946- author.
GR166 .Z57 2014 Grimm Legacies : the Magic Spell of the Grimms' Folk and Fairy Tales Zipes, Jack, 1937-
GR110.H3 H66 2006b (Spec Coll) Ka moʻolelo o Hiʻiakaikapoliopele : ka wahine i ka hikina a ka lā, ka uʻi palekoki uila o Halemaʻumaʻu Hoʻoulumāhiehie, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Google : how Google works Schmidt, Eric, 1955 April 27- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Undeniable : evolution and the science of creation Nye, Bill.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Zen pencils : cartoon quotes from inspirational folks Than, Gavin Aung.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Alan Turing : the enigma : the book that inspired the film The Imitation Game Hodges, Andrew.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Becoming Richard Pryor Saul, Scott, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Captivated by you Day, Sylvia.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Clothes, clothes, clothes : music, music, music : boys, boys, boys Albertine, Viv, 1954-
Good Reads (2nd floor) Edge of eternity Follett, Ken.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The escape Baldacci, David, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Here McGuire, Richard.
Good Reads (2nd floor) How not to be wrong : the power of mathematical thinking Ellenberg, Jordan, 1971- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The king's curse Gregory, Philippa, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Moriarty : a novel Horowitz, Anthony, 1955- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Not my father's son : a memoir Cumming, Alan, 1965- author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The painter : a novel Heller, Peter, 1959-
Good Reads (2nd floor) Paper love : searching for the girl my grandfather left behind Wildman, Sarah, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Parasite Grant, Mira, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Seconds O'Malley, Bryan Lee, artist, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Firefly class 03-K64. Volume 4, Leaves on the wind Whedon, Zack, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Shoplifter Cho, Michael (Illustrator), artist, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) The skeleton road McDermid, Val, author.
Good Reads (2nd floor) Spare parts : four undocumented teenagers, one ugly robot, and the battle for the American dream Davis, Joshua, 1974- author.
GN406 .J56 2015 Technology as human social tradition : cultural transmission among hunter-gatherers Jordan, Peter, 1969- author.
GE197 .S778 2014 Barnyards and Birkenstocks : why farmers and environmentalists need each other Stuart, Donald D., 1943-
GE195-199GE196HF102 (INTERNET) The Economy of Green Cities [electronic resource]: A World Compendium on the Green Urban Economy
GB662.5 .H36 2014 (INTERNET) Handbook of engineering hydrology. Environmental hydrology and water management [electronic resource]
GB1003.2 .C66 2012 Groundwater for the 21st century : a primer for citizens of planet earth Conners, John A., 1941-
F868.Y6 S26 2000 Yosemite's innkeepers : the story of a great park and its chief concessionaires Sargent, Shirley.
F3285.J4 A35 1998 Always from somewhere else : a memoir of my Chilean Jewish father Agosín, Marjorie.
F2831 .L69 2015 The history of Argentina Lewis, Daniel K., 1959- author.
F2229 .M66 2014 (INTERNET) A prehistory of South America [electronic resource] : ancient cultural diversity on the least known continent Moore, Jerry D.
E77.5 .C85 2005 (Oversize) Sacred legacy : Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian Curtis, Edward S., 1868-1952.
E441 .W723 2014 American slavery : a very short introduction Williams, Heather Andrea, author.
E259 .R83 2014 Becoming men of some consequence : youth and military service in the Revolutionary War Ruddiman, John A., 1978- author.
E188 .B954 2014 The politics of piracy : crime and civil disobedience in colonial America Burgess, Douglas R., author.
E185.61 .D473 2015 Uneven roads : an introduction to U.S. racial and ethnic politics Shaw, Todd.
E184.C5 B736 2015 Between Mao and McCarthy : Chinese American politics in the Cold War years Brooks, Charlotte, 1971- author.
E184.A1 H415 2014 Race, ethnicity, gender, and class : the sociology of group conflict and change Healey, Joseph F., 1945-
DU624.65 .K3413 1992 Moolelo o Kamehameha I. English;Ruling chiefs of Hawaii Kamakau, Samuel Manaiakalani, 1815-1876.
DS795.3 .S82 1993 Rickshaw Beijing : city people and politics in the 1920s Strand, David.
DS779.32 .L55 2014 (INTERNET) The People's Republic of amnesia [electronic resource] : Tiananmen revisited Lim, Louisa.
DS778.7 .M56 1995 Red azalea Min, Anchee, 1957-
DS778.7 .C456 1996 China's Cultural Revolution, 1966-1969 : not a dinner party
DS777.54 .D55 2013 The tragedy of liberation : a history of the Chinese revolution, 1945-1957 Dikötter, Frank.
DS712 .H458 2006 Oracle bones : a journey between China's past and present Hessler, Peter, 1969-
DS63.1 .P37 2014 The modern Middle East : a social and cultural history Pappé, Ilan.
DS62.8 .V57 2006 Storm from the East : the struggle between the Arab world and the Christian west Viorst, Milton.
DS556.5 .L54 2014 Descending dragon, rising tiger : a history of Vietnam Vu, Hong Lien, author.
DS272 .A57 2014 Iran : a very short introduction Ansari, Ali M., author.
DF285 .A77 2015 Ashes, images, and memories : the presence of the war dead in fifth-century Athens Arrington, Nathan T.
DD881 .S215 2014 The collapse : the accidental opening of the Berlin Wall Sarotte, M. E., author.
DD229 .R6412413 2014 Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1859-1941 : a concise life Röhl, John C. G.
DA235 .B37 2014 England, arise;1381 : the year of the Peasants' Revolt Barker, Juliet R. V.
D767.98 .B37 2014 Victory fever on Guadalcanal : Japan's first land defeat of World War II Bartsch, William H., 1933- author.
D743 W45 2014 World War II : a very short introduction Weinberg, Gerhard L., author.
D522.23 .C37 2014 American Cinematographers in the Great War, 1914-1918 Castellan, James W.
D361 .O77 2014 A history of war in 100 battles Overy, R. J., author.
D16.14 .O7326 2014 Oral history and digital humanities : voice, access, and engagement
D141 .C36 2014 The Cambridge companion to the Age of Attila
D117 .R83 2014 The Middle ages : a very short introduction Rubin, Miri, 1956-
D117 .D33 1995 A History of the Middle Ages Dahmus, Joseph Henry, 1909- author.
CC175 .A85 1977 Mysterious places : the world's unexplained symbolic sites, ancient cities and lost lands
BS2595.52 .M26 2015 Luke and Vergil : imitations of classical Greek literature MacDonald, Dennis Ronald, 1946-
BS2585.52 .M26 2014 The gospels and Homer : imitations of Greek epic in Mark and Luke-Acts MacDonald, Dennis Ronald, 1946-
BS185 1999 .N67 1999 (Spec Coll) The Holy Bible : containing all the books of the Old and New Testaments.
BR162.3 .M33 2015 Medieval Christianity : a new history Madigan, Kevin, 1960- author.
BR1325 .K565 2015 A history of Korean Christianity Kim, Sebastian C. H., author.
BR115.P7 O96 2014 Making religion safe for democracy : transformation from Hobbes to Tocqueville Owen, J. Judd, author.
BQ9288 .Z5813 2014 The Chan whip anthology : a companion to Zen practice Zhuhong, 1535-1615, author.
BP223.Z8 L57163 2014 Malcolm X at Oxford Union : racial politics in a global era Ambar, Saladin M.
BL65.C8 G38 2015 (INTERNET) Entertaining judgment [electronic resource] : the afterlife in popular imagination Garrett, Greg.
BL439 .G76 2014 The question of the animal and religion : theoretical stakes, practical implications Gross, Aaron.
BL1900.C46 E5 2014 Nanhua jing. Nei pian. English;Chuang Tzu. The inner chapters Zhuangzi, author.
BL1138.62 .E5 2014 The Bhagavad gita : a new translation contexts criticism
BJ324.P67 Z53 2001 An ethics of dissensus : postmodernity, feminism, and the politics of radical democracy Ziarek, Ewa Płonowska, 1961-
BJ1421 .S554 2014 Speech matters : on lying, morality, and the law Shiffrin, Seana Valentine, author.
BF723.I53 N33 2014 How imitation boosts development : in infancy and autism spectrum disorder Nadel, Jacqueline, author, translator.
BF721 .G67 2014 Child psychology : a very short introduction Goswami, Usha C., author.
BF637.B85 Y68 2015 Youth suicide and bullying : challenges and strategies for prevention and intervention
BF204.6 .S69 2015 Positive psychology : the scientific and practical explorations of human strengths / Shane J. Lopez, Gallup Snyder, C. R., author.
BF1621 .D37 2014 Daughters of Hecate : women and magic in the ancient world
BD311 .T45 2015 Ontology made easy Thomasson, Amie L. (Amie Lynn), 1968- author.
BD215 .N55 2014 (INTERNET) Understanding beliefs [electronic resource] Nilsson, Nils J., 1933-
BC177 .S954 2014 (INTERNET) The Oxford guide to effective argument and critical thinking [electronic resource] Swatridge, Colin.
B358 .C3 1997 Works. English. 1997;Complete works Plato.
B2948 .G23 2014 G. W. F. Hegel : key concepts
B2430.R274 R43 2011 Reading Rancière
B2430.D484 J33 2015 Jacques Derrida : key concepts
B1925.E5 C36 2014 The Cambridge companion to the French enlightenment
929.1072 FIN492Y6 2012 (DVD) Finding your roots [videorecording]
363.69 V711C2 2009 (DVD) A village called Versailles [videorecording] / Walking Iris Films presents a film by S. Leo Chiang a co-production of S. Leo Chiang/Walking Iris Films and the Independent Television Service (ITVS) in association with the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) producer
(INTERNET) Encyclopedia of political thought [electronic resource] Gibbons.