Greetings from the Dean

The faculty and staff of the Robert E. Kennedy Library have embarked on an exciting journey of discovery. Our goal is to invent the academic library of the 21st century.

We are not alone in this quest: university libraries all over the country are developing new services and collections and adopting new technologies to meet the changing needs of students and faculty in this fast-growing age of information technology.

We all know and love the image of the traditional library: rows of interesting books and journals, quiet nooks for study and reflection, knowledgeable and helpful librarians to answer questions and guide research. Much of that cherished image remains unchanged. But it must adapt to the fast-paced needs of students using portable computers and mobile communication devices, the proliferation of digital information (only some of which is on the Internet), and the requirement to do most class assignments as part of a project team. We also grapple with what it means to be the university library on a polytechnic campus that prides itself on its learn-by-doing ethic.

All of these challenges mean that we live in the most interesting of times. We thought that you might be interested, too, so this publication is our way of sharing just a few of the things we are doing to help Cal Poly. Enjoy.

From Kennedy Library's 2008 Annual Publication (23MB PDF).

Michael D. Miller
Dean of Library Services