Agribusiness Student Fees Help Support World-Class Collections

From Kennedy Library's 2008 Annual Publication (23MB PDF).

Each year since 2002, agribusiness students in the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences have provided the Robert E. Kennedy Library with $35,000 from their student fees to expand and enhance research collections in agribusiness-related areas. This collaborative effort between the Department of Agribusiness and the Kennedy Library has been so successful that in 2007, Dr. Wayne Howard, Department Chair, increased the annual allocation to $40,000.

Frank Vuotto, the business and agribusiness librarian, explains that these funds allow the Kennedy Library to purchase high-end databases and specialized resources that would otherwise be cost prohibitive. "The student fee funds have had a dramatic impact on research quality while providing a win-win environment for all parties," says Vuotto. "Through this partnership, students gain hands-on experience with real-world business tools, making them highly employable in today’s competitive job market. Industry wins by hiring new graduates who can conduct effective, high-level research in a vast digital landscape of information overload and questionable online content."

"Frank helps us to identify and buy the information that enables our students to hit the ground running," says Dr. Howard. "It is important for our students to know how to access and use cutting edge information on the agri-food markets: what products are sold in which markets, knowing the players, and understanding the underlying trends affecting our global market."

Additionally, the agribusiness student fee money directly aligns with and underscores Cal Poly's teacher-scholar model by providing the funds needed to secure scholarly and market-level resources that meet the research needs of both students and faculty. To view the many agribusiness world-class resources available at Cal Poly, visit the Agribusiness Research Portal.