Grab a Cup of Science Café

Seven interactive conversations

Our community continues to come together for casual conversation at Cal Poly Science Café. Between October, 2010 and May, 2011, Kennedy Library hosted seven programs designed to stimulate discussions in the arts and sciences. The events were coordinated by biologist and East Bay Science Café founder, Cynthia Perrine.

The informal events are led by experts and encourage open, easy-to-understand conversation around scientific topics and whole systems thinking. Everyone is invited.


Ideas explored in 2011 included robotic underwaterb exploration in the Mediterranean; engineering for disasters including "The Big One" — the next major California earthquake; and understanding the profound impact of cancer on life in the 21st century.

One of the many highlights of the year was our program the weekend of Open House in April 2011, "Bionics: Merging Man and Machine." Russ Angold (BRAE '00), co-founder and chief technical officer at Ekso Bionics (formerly Berkeley Bionics), demonstrated how to use an untethered exoskeleton, a device designed for people with mobility limitations (eLEGS) as well as soldiers in the field (HULC). There was a crowd of more than 200 students, faculty, parents and visitors. Several Cal Poly students also shared their work on robotic hands and other devices they are developing as part of their undergraduate and graduate research.

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