Library First
Room dedicated to Alpha Sigma Society

The first of eight new collaboration rooms was dedicated May 14, 2011, in honor of the Alpha Sigma Society. Sixty-six members of the society and the larger community attended the dedication.

The group was founded at Cal Poly in 1957 by five students who wanted to share the cost of housing, form a fraternal organization that did not discriminate based on race or religion and encouraged academic excellence.

Collaborating at Cal Poly

Dennis Fazzio joined Alpha Sigma in 1966, his junior year at Cal Poly, because he wanted an education outside of the classroom, a place where he could learn the art of give and take.

While the group disbanded in 1989 there are still 130 active members who gather twice annually, funded in part by the nonprofit formed when they sold their fraternity house. In addition to continuing the brotherhood through their regular get-togethers, members felt strongly about giving back to Cal Poly. Since they represented a range of majors and interests, the library felt like a natural place to share their story.

Fazzio is the current president of the group. "The library is a place to collaborate, which is what happens in industry," said Fazzio. It is what happened at Alpha Sigma, too, he explained.

Visit Alpha Sigma Society's Collaboration Room (#216R) on the second floor of the library to view the room's dedication plaque and read the society's preamble.