From the University Librarian

Last April, Cal Poly students, leaders, friends and partners came together to honor the 30th anniversary of the dedication of the Robert E. Kennedy Library.

What better time to envision our future and who better to envision that future than Cal Poly students? So we challenged students to tell the story of our future in short videos. I think you will find them bright, thoughtful and entertaining!

Viewers like you voted Kate Smith's video, "The Future," their favorite and I can see why: it perfectly captures the synergy between the Kennedy Library and its users.

A living place

What really makes a library like ours come alive with electricity, passion and vision are the students, faculty, staff and community who use it, and who share their ideas about what their library experience is like and what it will become.

Our future is their future and belongs to all of us. We are dedicated to extending and deepening our partnerships with Cal Poly students, faculty, staff and the larger community and we are proud to be an integral part of student success.

Information services

A very exciting development this last academic year was the announcement of the library's new partnership with Cal Poly's Information Technology Services as part of a new Information Services Division. Our future collaborations with campus technologists will allow us to share the exceptional talents of our staffs and work closely together with students, faculty, staff and committed partners in the Cal Poly community.

We invite you to celebrate our efforts in the past year and support our plans toward our common goal in the year ahead: to give every Cal Poly student extraordinary experiences in discovery, understanding and empowerment.

Anna Gold
University Librarian