Look the Other Way
An exhibition of photographic truth and fiction

In "Look the Other Way: An exhibition of photographic truth and fiction," students merged early 20th century materials and 21st century technologies to reenvision the university's history — straining credibility and provoking a rich array of interpretations from viewers.

University ghosts

Working under the collaborative direction of Professor David Gillette and Special Collections Curator Catherine Trujillo, more than 140 students participated in the development of the interactive exhibit. Some gathered and manipulated early photographs, postcards and glass plate negatives that they discovered in the University Archives, creating haunting images of what appear to be otherworldly phenomena. Others constructed antique radios, photo-developing tents, live-streaming video, and case files on early "university ghosts."

Range of collaborators

The exhibit included a wide range of collaborators. Kennedy Library Special Collections and University Archives staff worked with students and professors in architecture, computer science, theater, education, and the new Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies (LAES) program to highlight the early history of the university and the unusual history of spirit photography.

Live performances

An estimated 700 people experienced the interactive exhibit that included live performances.

Tours were provided during Cal Poly's Open House. Students from the School of Education also led tours for more than 200 students from 10 area elementary schools.

Now, LAES students and faculty are busy adapting the experience for iPads and smartphones.

» Visit the Look the Other Way exhibit page to learn more and see "spirit" images in motion.